Day 211

It’s Day 211 of the Ohio Shutdown and Day 147 of Leftists Playing a Dangerous Game.

Deb and I are great. Right now we’re quietly, cautiously celebrating a bit of good news. Yesterday I mentioned that her father’s house was being shown today for the first time, before we’d finished painting, cleaning and fixing a few minor things.

Yeah, well, it’s in contract. One showing, one offer, one counter-offer, done.

The weight continues to slough-off Deb’s shoulders. She deserves a break, and they’re starting to come in bunches.

At this afternoon’s press conference held by Ohio’s weak and indecisive governor, Jack Windsor had question #13:

“Amy Acton said that her dream was to have immunity certificates that would allow people to reclaim their freedoms and be admitted back to ‘normal life.’ She also indicated the desire to eliminate any exemptions for vaccines.

“Dr. Fauci has signaled that the first vaccines may not be highly effective.

“So, given the fact that Acton was so adamant, and is still giving this administration insight per your previous comments — two-part question:

“Is it your position to require vaccination and immunity proof in order to go back to normal life? Or, will you backdoor mandate the vaccine by allowing businesses and schools to shup people out who don’t choose to vaccinate?”

As Jack was speaking, DeWine’s derision for him was evident — he made no attempt to disguise it. And he began his response by saying this:

“Jack, I’m sorry you’re still attacking Dr. Acton. You know, I’m sorry you feel it necessary to do that.”

What a petty little man our governor is. Words can’t contain my disgust.

He then said, “We’re not gonna require anyone to get a vaccine.”

Do you believe him? I don’t.

I can imagine a time, years into the future, when you or I will be sitting with a grandbaby on our knee, looking at photographs taken during this very strange year.

The child will ask questions, wondering why everyone’s wearing masks, not understanding why people aren’t standing next to each other.

We’ll struggle with the embarrassment such questions stir in us, trying to put the answers into words that a youngster understands.

“People were afraid. Lots of us trusted government too much. When government saw that people were afraid and trusting, they found out they could make us do pretty much whatever they want.”

When they’re older we’ll be better able to explain that 2020 will be remembered for its colossal public-policy and public-health blunders, and for the soft compliance of ignorant, reflexively fearful Americans.

This is not our finest hour.

Take care of yourselves. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath #OhioAgainstDeWine