Day 213

It’s Day 213 of the Ohio Shutdown and Day 149 of the Hate Inc. Shareholders’ Meeting.

We’re fine. Status quo.

Deb had time to watch most of the governor’s Thursday presser live today, while I caught up later. Along with the usual gloom-and-doom routine, we were treated to not one governor, but two.

Chris Christie just survived a bad bout of WuFlu. Today he appeared with Richard Michael DeWine to deliver a message I’m sure he felt would be a sobering influence on my fellow Buckeyes and me.

Instead, all it did was make me wonder, who the hell is running communications for Ohio’s governor these days?

To start with, Christie, despite his relationship with Trump, is RINO Royalty — he’s typical of elected “conservatives” in that part of the country.

Second, every time Americans are asked to name their least favorite state, New Jersey tops the list. Buckeyes almost certainly skew the results in that direction — truly, ‘Jersey is The Anti-Ohio (Youngstown and Toledo notwithstanding).

I mean no disrespect to my friends who live in or hail from The Garden State, and I’m glad Christie recovered, but I gotta ask — who thought a testimonial from an overweight asthmatic from New Jersey, a guy who blames not wearing a mask for his contracting coronavirus, was a smart play?

The nomination of ACB (replacing RBG) was voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee today. None of the committee’s Democrats showed up, requiring a change in the rules about what constitutes a quorum. The Chairman gaveled past the stunt, sending ACB’s nomination to the full Senate for a vote on Monday.

Expect yet another boycott. It won’t matter. Trump’s third SCOTUS nominee will be confirmed.

When it comes to this president, Democrats have a habit of staying away. His (first) inauguration. State-of-the-Union addresses. It’s always symbolic, pointless and futile.

Maybe there’s a lesson in there about boycotts in general.

And now, a parting shot. As wearying as campaign season can be, especially during a presidential election year, I can’t for the life of me understand why any American would choose to ignore politics — and brag about it.

It’s like a fish complaining about how wet the water is.

Politics, love it or hate it, is the lifeblood of governing. And considering the significant effect that government has on our lives, we turn away from politics at our peril.

An American who willfully ignores politics is an ignorant voter.

Suck it up. Pay attention. No excuses.

Take care of yourselves. Stay free.

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