Day 222

It’s Day 222 of the Ohio Shutdown, and it’s Day 158 of System-Wide Resistance Errors.

Deb and I are fine, although she’s had the sneezes the last 24 hours. Since her vitals remain normal and stable, she spent today helping the older spawn blaze through the local warehouse club, making sure he’s prepped for whatever next week (and beyond) may bring.

As for me, I took the day off — as in totally off.

I did nothing constructive, nothing of consequence. I’ve earned it, dammit, and I owed it to myself.

According to reports, convoys of flag-flying Trump supporters around the country have been targeting the opposition’s campaign buses and “escorting” them on the highway between stops. I’ve seen video of these intercepts in Texas — one surrounded a caravan reportedly carrying HeelsUp Harris (aka Chuckles the Hooker) herself, and another so bothered the carpet-bagging Democrats that the Daffy-Chuckles campaign canceled the rest of the day’s events.

What’s more, horn-honking Trump supporters often have outnumbered Daffy’s Democrats at those silly “drive-in” rallies.

I think this is absolutely awesome. ‘Merica.

Now I did see one particular video capturing what appeared to be a jacked-up pickup truck flying Trump flags actually body-checking a small SUV out of its lane behind the Daffy-Chuckles bus. And I feel compelled to say that was a very dangerous thing to do.

To the Democrats losing their minds over the incident, however, I beg you to remember that you back an ideology, a party and a presidential ticket which supports widespread violence that hunts cops, takes lives and wreaks billions in property damage. Your indignation is pathetic.

I, for one, admire these road warriors for disrupting the anti-American Daffy-Chuckles campaign. If there’s a little paint-swapping, well, perhaps that’s to be expected.

As Harry Hogge reminded Cole Trickle, “Rubbin’, son, is racin’.”

We all know that the presidential ticket headed by Daffy McHairsniffer, which is a pirate ship for the radical progressive ideology personified by Chuckles the Hooker, could deal a devastating blow to America’s foundation.

They’d suppress speech that opposes The Party. They’d virtually eliminate constitutional protection of the right to keep and bear arms. They’d turn the Supreme Court into a third legislative chamber. They’d decimate individual liberties while fabricating “rights” from aspirations.

On the stump, Daffy is fond of invoking (when he can spit it out) this gem:

“I view wearing a mask as a patriotic duty.”

What he suggests, my friends, is anathema to Patriots. It’s inconsistent with the individualism and essential Liberty without which there is no America.

But make no mistake, this is what he’d bring — masks for all, everywhere, all the time. Nationwide shutdown. Conscriptive vaccination.

We’re presented with a clear choice. I choose America.

Take care of yourselves. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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