Day 242: Another step forward

It’s Day 242 of The First Ohio Shutdown, Day Two of Making Sure Healthy People Are Home Before Ten, and Day 178 of The Big Race Race.

And it’s a Friday, which I’ll admit isn’t quite the same without a regular job.

Deb and I are peachy. The closing on her father’s house went off without a hitch this morning, not counting the title company spending half the day not knowing quite what to do with the proceeds. Anyway, eventually it got sorted out and the deal is, at last, done.

Over the last three months it’s been quite the slog, especially for Deb. She’ll be the first to tell you, though, that she had a lot of help — paid professionals, generous friends and loving family all came together to complement her drive to do this the right way.

It was pretty cool, actually. Heartfelt thanks to all.

Now we can move on. We can finally see what tomorrow will bring. We know what’s in store for us, too, in a tantalizing way, and we step off on that odyssey in the morning.

Don’t worry, we’re not going far.

Unless Trump’s legal team unleashes the octopus soon — and truly, we don’t yet know if their pet invertebrate is up to the job of challenging the election, much less overturning it — over the coming months it should be fun to watch the presumptive president-elect do battle with The Radical Left.

Crazy Bernie is making lots of noise, demanding that The Lunatic Fringe have a seat at the table — lots of seats, in fact. All of the most dangerous players are jockeying, poised to lunge as soon as the music stops.

I suppose I should be trembling at that prospect, but I’m not. Militant progressives are trying to exploit a mandate they don’t have, and if the presumptive incoming administration caves and lets them in, it risks crippling The Daffy Doctrine.

Daffy knows this. (Chuckles isn’t smart enough to recognize what’s happening.) There will be enough Republicans and not-so-radical Democrats in Congress to frustrate what’s on liberal extremists’ wish list.

Don’t get me wrong, these wack-jobs could still wreck America. There’s no reason to relax — but there’s also no reason to panic.

This weekend there’s a slate of high-school championship football games taking place in my hometown of Massillon. Previously set to be played in purple Franklin County, they were moved to red Stark County over WuFlu fears. On top of that, kickoff times were all moved up by 45 minutes, a perfunctory nod to the silly statewide curfew.

Earlier today I shared a social-media post reporting that the governor himself had scolded the crowd over the public-address system at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium, saying that the game would be canceled if they didn’t “distance” to his satisfaction. The local newspaper later corrected that account — apparently it was a school official representing one of the competing teams who made the announcement.

The game went on.

You don’t suppose that DeWine has eyes in that stadium, snitching on people not complying with his decrees, now, do you? Is there anything this power-drunk governor would like more than to make an example of a high-profile event like that?

This is why we resist.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay free.

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