Day 251: Sooner or later

This is Day 251 of The First Ohio Shutdown, Day 11 of The Curfew Canard and Day 187 of Statues Falling — most recently McKinley in Chicago, a veterans monument in Portland, Lincoln in Spokane, and Washington and westward pioneers in Minneapolis.

The Mob was just peacefully protesting Thanksgiving, of course. Because colonization, doncha know.

Deb and I are doing well, thanks, pretty much keeping to ourselves — not out of fear or obedience, mind you, but motivated by a clear-eyed assessment of our surroundings and a commitment to work that needs to be done here.

In this Charlie Foxtrot of a year, our Life doesn’t much resemble what either of us imagined, expected or would’ve predicted. It’s strange. It’s an adjustment.

It’s not perfect, but it’s very good.

The imminent release of a WuFlu vaccine is all the buzz right now. Front-line medical workers will get it first, I’ve heard, and perhaps public-safety professionals, followed by “vulnerable groups.” Then, I guess, the rest of the populace will have a shot (pun intended).

It’s being characterized as an immunologic light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, the start of “getting back to normal.”

You don’t really buy that, do you? Do you honestly believe that the State — the same totalitarians who fed us their “flatten the curve” bullshit over six months ago — will begin relaxing restrictions and rescinding decrees anytime soon?

The presumptive president-elect has talked about a “very dark winter,” knowing that a vaccine would be available within a few months. Dozens of governors have issued “orders,” set standards and established timelines, only to invent reasons not to keep their word. Why would you expect something different now?

A vaccine is just one more set of goal posts to be moved.

We’ve allowed the State to create a crisis that dwarfs any effect that a virus could’ve had on “public health.” We’ve granted them authority over our own individual choices. When the State’s repeated errors became obvious, we remained silently compliant.

We were dumb enough to believe that theater could “beat the virus.”

Now, according to some reports, parts of America are seeing increases in WuFlu cases, hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths. I’m personally aware of evidence, more than anecdotal, corroborating those accounts.

My first reaction is, simply, so what? This is what communicable diseases do.

But if we look over the last 250 days with a critical eye, we notice something else, something more sinister and far more destructive — the State engineered the current spike.

Stay with me.

When society and commerce were shut down and healthy individuals were isolated, as a natural consequence there was less transmission of WuFlu — but the virus didn’t go away. And when Americans again began interacting and actually living, they just-as-naturally transmitted the virus and incidence increased.

If we dealt with an annual flu outbreak this way, from a “public health” perspective, we’d see the same result. Preventing people from infecting each other blocks the development of widespread immunity, vaccine or not. This so-called “herd immunity” is Nature’s way of tamping down threats to the species.

There’s no way that mandated isolation, accompanied by all manner of Kabuki, was ever going to “beat” WuFlu. It was always destined only to placate the masses and postpone the inevitable, and the State knew it.

The “curve” can’t be “flattened” for good. What we’re seeing now was gonna happen sooner or it was gonna happen later — after the State established control, crushed the economy and dismantled the culture.

That was no accident. Many of us saw it coming. All of it.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

(Today’s header image is from September in Delaware County.)

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