Day 253: Just a dusting

This is the First of December, Day 253 of The First Ohio Shutdown, Day 13 of The Curfew That Most People Have Forgotten About Already and Day 189 of Bowling for Bolsheviks.

We’re ok.

We didn’t end up with much snow, maybe a couple of inches. Temps have been hovering around 30 degrees today, and a stiff wind has flash-frozen everything. The trees are all traced in white, turning the bare woods out back postcard-perfect.

Yesterday I characterized the weather as “miserable,” but I’ll admit that’s a matter of perspective. Committed outdoor photographers, at least the ones who’ve learned how to keep their hands warm and their equipment clear, love days like this. My deer-hunting friends were all looking forward to this morning’s fresh snow and the tracking opportunities it’d bring.

Here at Second Chance Ranch, Deb and I walk out the back door to the plainly weird sight of a motorhome and a covered travel trailer, both wearing an early-winter frosting. They’re symbols of other seasons, warmer weather, good memories and the promise of better days.

If you’ve pulled a boat out of the water in the fall, or if you’ve ever walked out to the garage and drawn the cover off of a mothballed motorcycle just to stare at it awhile, you’ve felt what we’re feeling.

There’s a common refrain in the ongoing WuFlu narrative, coming most often from those who favor restrictions imposed by the State, and it goes like this: “Why do people have to make public health political?”

That’s as easy to answer as it is misguided.

The intent of the question is obvious — it’s a snarky swipe at those of us who chafe against government control. But that’s a matter of principle, not politics.

It does, however, draw a bright line between Americans who value Liberty over the illusion of safety, and those who see every human desire as a chance for the State to present a new teat to the masses. And that line generally falls between conservatives and libertarians on one side, and progressives and liberals on the other.

Ideally, our principles inform our politics, and the brand of politics that squashes individual Liberty dominates the Left. No one needs to apologize for having the principles to stand on the Right side.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath