Day 264: Please send tracking

It’s Day 264 of 15 Days to Flatten The Curve and Day 24 of Ohio’s 21-day WuFlu Curfew.

Deb and I are well.

As we clean, prepare, repair and supply Ernie, we’ve had to source a number of items that just aren’t available locally. That involves shipping and, with the combined crush of holiday shopping and the ongoing “crisis,” relying on carriers that are absolutely slammed these days.

FedEx and UPS, and even Amazon, haven’t been meeting their promised delivery dates lately. And USPS, which is picking up a lot of the slack, gives every appearance that it was caught totally flat-footed — it’s stopped projecting delivery dates, except for ExpressMail shipments, and it looks like the service has suspended in-transit scans altogether.

What’s happening in the shopping-and-shipping business is unprecedented. I get that. But ultimately we’re all judged by how we perform under pressure. Some businesses — and some people — simply meet the challenge better than others.

We should take notice of that, in all things.

The imminent rollout of WuFlu vaccines is dominating the news. Much is being made of how quickly these potions have been developed, tested and approved — Trump calls it “a medical miracle.” And that’s true, I guess, when we look at the actual science that went into producing them.

What we should be absolutely skeptical about, however, is the speed with which they’ve come to market. We know that the capacity to do this has existed for years. What’s slowed development of therapeutics and curatives, and even prevented it in some cases, is a regulatory minefield owned by The Permanent State.

The research community, for its part, has throttled back its pace to match the State, creating a plodding, years-long process that feeds on itself. In many ways Institutional Science has become indistinguishable from the bureaucracy to which it answers.

But now we’ve accelerated from zero-to-vaccine in nine months — “Operation Warp Speed” and all that. How the hell did that happen? Should we give credit to Trump for cracking the whip?

Sorry, but no.

Don’t misunderstand — I believe that Trump did the right thing. I see his motives as admirable, if not entirely pure, in that he truly wanted to see a WuFlu vaccine widely available as soon as possible, and for the right reasons. But even though as president he has authority over the executive branch, I simply don’t believe that the FDA and the research community do anything that’s not in the interest of The Permanent State.

In the coming months we’ll see exactly why WuFlu vaccines have been produced so quickly, and it has nothing to do with saving lives. It’ll become obvious that vaccination is merely another tool of State control, and vaccines had to happen fast to avoid letting the present “crisis” go to waste.

It’s about compliance, not science.

Oh, you’re welcome to get all misty-eyed about “medical miracles” and “getting back to normal” and stuff. Not me — vaccine or no vaccine, I know that the “pandemic” won’t be over until the State says it’s over.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

(Header image from three weeks ago today in Medina County. Time flies. Soon, so will we.)