Day 279: The cupboard is…

It’s Day 279 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve and Day 39 of Ohio’s 21-day WuFlu Curfew.

Deb and I are well today.

I grabbed a snow shovel this afternoon and addressed the driveway, in less than 30 minutes scraping it clear enough for hazy sunshine and mild temps to do the rest. You live a while, you learn some stuff.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, five times I was sent cell-phone photos from inside the gun store where I used to work. My friends wanted me to see the showcases and racks, once jam-packed with guns, looking rather like the toilet-paper aisle at Kroger this past March.

I wrote about that condition here several weeks ago, calling it validation of our pessimistic foresight. I stand by that.

Judging by the e-mails I get from my former employer and other retailers, it looks like the availability of of ammo has loosened-up some. Prices, however, remain silly.

One offering in particular caught my eye this morning, something I used to recommend enthusiastically to customers and friends — Winchester Q4318, the 124gr FMJ 9mm NATO round. It’s loaded 5% to 10% hotter than run-of-the-mill 9mm ball. Since the primers (and the case mouths, too, I believe) are sealed, it’s the ideal rainy-day round. It stores very well.

We generally priced Q4318 at $14.99 for a box of 50, or 30 cents a round. But every now and then we’d put it on sale for $8.99 (18 cents a round), which made it well worth buying in bulk. Leaving the store with a 500-round case of ammunition like that for less than a hundred bucks was a no-brainer.

The advertised price this week is $28.99, which comes out to 58 cents a round. What 500 rounds cost a year ago now buys just 150.

On the bright side, it’s available. Shop around, support local businesses when you can, and do what you need to do.

From today’s edition of a northwest-Ohio newspaper a headline blares, “Lawmakers don’t defend ‘racist law.'” The article — with quotation marks around “racist law,” allowing it to be published as “news” — castigates three area members of the Ohio General Assembly because they voted for Senate Bill 175. This is the lede:

“Three local lawmakers voted in favor of expanding gun rights in a way civil rights organizations say is racist and will lead to the deaths of more Black people.”

(Notice that “black” is capitalized. That’s a clue.)

At issue is the “stand your ground” bill now sitting on our useless governor’s desk. So-called “civil rights” groups want him to veto it, and he probably will — both because he has a pattern of pandering to race-baiters, and because he’s bent on enacting more “gun control” laws that are as useless as he is.

As for those “civil rights” groups, they’re a known quantity — racist, pro-entitlement apologists for crime and the irredeemable thugs who perpetrate it. While mischaracterizing what a “stand your ground” law is and what it would do, they implicitly acknowledge that the majority of crime will continue to be committed by “people of color.”

That’s an astonishing admission, when you stop and think about it. If I were a POC myself — a free-thinking one, anyway — it’d really piss me off.

Worse, the media accept the role of accomplice and play it to perfection. This article, for example, asserts that SB 175 “expands the definition of self defense to include instances in which a person with a gun who feels threatened can chase down and kill another person.”

That’s not even close to factual. The author doubles-down on the lie at the end of the piece, calling SB 175 “chase and kill legislation.” And then there’s this:

“It’s not known if the legislation… has any support in Ohio outside the influence of the NRA in the Statehouse.”

Seriously, some guy got paid to write that. He was proud enough to affix his name to the drivel, too.

But how the hell did it get past his editor? Easy — he is the editor, of this rag and four others. See how this works?

We have media so blinded by identity that they can’t see right and wrong or law and crime. And here in Ohio we have a governor who favors evil over innocence, preferring to protect violent criminals who threaten the lives of law-abiding citizens.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath