Day 296: Propaganda on parade

It’s Day 296 of DeWine’s audition for Biden and Day 56 of the curfew everyone ignores.

Deb and I are ok.

Honestly, I can’t remember another time when the air was so thick with wild theories — martial law, comms being shut down, Trump not leaving, and that’s just for starters. And then there’s the widely reported FBI bulletin warning that armed right-wingers are plotting to descend on state capitols — all 50 of ’em, allegedly — the day Daffy McHairsniffer is to be inaugurated.

That last one is a real thing, I guess, since the FBI actually said it. The bulletin, I mean.

What we have here, if you ask me, is a collection of shiny objects. Their deployment, into the media as well as the rumor mill, is intentional, it’s coordinated and it’s institutional. The purpose of this disinformation is to smoke-out bad actors, to discourage otherwise harmless sympathizers and to freeze people who fall somewhere between the two.

It’s not an uncommon tactic in the propaganda world. Hell, in business communications I’ve used it myself — leaking information or teasing imminent news with the goal of freezing my audience, either to spike my competition or to buy me time. I’ve even done it to expose disloyalty.

In this case, I contend that none of the rumors are true enough or substantive enough for us to award them any credence, specifically or generally.

That said, I don’t know anyone who’d qualify as a “bad actor.” Currently I don’t have access to the kind of intel that’d let me corroborate the federal-level scuttlebutt I’ve heard privately and personally.

All I have is a sniffer and the experience to interpret reliably what it tells me. Nothing I’ve heard passes my personal smell test.

I could be wrong. We’ll find out together.

The snap-impeachment of a President of the United States for having the temerity to engage in political speech is moving forward, with a vote expected today. Trump is virtually certain to become the first twice-impeached president, and with the Senate minority leader’s knickers now in a tight twist, he could be removed from office just days before the end of his term.

It’s as vindictive and dishonest as anything I’ve ever seen.

Across the land, The Purge continues. Legislators like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz have been threatened with disbarment — and put on the “no-fly list,” for cryin’ out loud — for having spoken in favor of an audit of the 2020 presidential election. Hawley’s publisher canceled his book deal over it. Pathetic RINO legislators are folding faster than umbrellas after a summer shower.

An Ivy League university summarily dismissed all Republicans from its faculty advisory council.

Born-free Americans identified from photographs at last Wednesday’s peaceful rally in Washington have been fired from their jobs. A number of major corporations have made it known that they won’t employ anyone who worked in the Trump administration or who actively supported him (even through campaign contributions).

Left-wing surrogates have a new talking point — conservatives must be “de-programmed.”

Facebook shut down the wildly popular “Walk Away” and “Stop The Steal” pages, among hundreds of others that were pro-Trump, anti-Biden or (perish the thought) pro-Liberty. Between now and January 20th, the site vows to sanitize itself of any mention of “stop the steal” — all part of “preparing” for the inauguration, it says.

Dr. Ron Paul has been silenced by Twitter. Thinkpol, anyone?

All of this (and more), taken together, will have two effects, I believe. First, Republicans’ failure to stand with their base will kill the national party deader than dead. It’ll be unable to recover from its betrayal of tens of millions of Americans who have held their nose and voted defensively for the last time.

Second, Democrats and complicit RINOs seem bent on turning Trump into a martyr, and that will only galvanize the opposition — not in Washington, of course, because that’s a lost cause, but throughout the country.

If our opposition to the Left is largely silent, however, save on Election Day, it’ll be because the Left’s campaign of intimidation is having the desired effect. We’re supposed to be cowed by it. We’re supposed to be afraid of losing our job, or being denied membership in a community organization, or explaining to our kid why they didn’t get that scholarship.

Our domestic enemies are counting on us to grow weary of fighting.

We can’t be silenced. We can only silence ourselves.

If we don’t summon the courage to stand up and find ways to speak out, if we allow our fear of consequences to silence us, America has no chance. America is over.

Maybe I’m just old and stubborn, but I will not sit down. I will not shut up.

Bring it, bitches.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

“The purpose of this disinformation is to smoke-out bad actors, to discourage otherwise harmless sympathizers and to freeze people who fall somewhere between the two.”