Day 304: By invitation only

It’s Day 304 of Mikey’s Folly and Day 64 of The Curfew With No Clue. Deb and I are ok, thanks.

Without a doubt, the most entertaining thing about yesterday was leftists’ insufferable preening on social media — from self-congratulatory tripe about being “the real adults,” to the buffoonish quoting of Gerald Ford:

“My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.”

Democrats and other progressives have spent the last four years exemplifying every uncomplimentary stereotype right-thinking Americans ever assigned to them. They’ve shown themselves to be manifestly hateful and demonstrably anti-American.

And now they want “unity,” but they’ll settle for submission. All of them can kiss my ass.

After choosing today’s header photo, I briefly previewed the post to make sure it looked right. I was struck by the resulting visual — the U.S. Capitol dome rising behind a barrier topped with razor wire, over which appeared this blog’s tagline: “Where there is Liberty.”

No Liberty in sight — that’s Washington for you. But it’s not America.

According to the reports I’ve seen, inauguration attendees — about 2,000 invited elites — were far outnumbered by media covering the private show. The military presence has been estimated at between 25,000 and 30,000 troops. Some sources put that number even higher.

Anyone who’s watched governments over-react to a virus with a miniscule mortality rate recognizes this week’s “security” shenanigans as nothing but theater.

Look, we’ve been living with Pandemic Theater for over ten months now, so it should be obvious that the feds’ over-the-top Security Theater simply took another page from The Big Book of Optics. The popular media contributed its special brand of histrionics to the affair, of course, convincing the unthinking masses to salute the gross show-of-force.

Yes, it’s bizarre. But we’d better get used to nonsense like this, ’cause it’s gonna be with us for a while.

It should serve to remind us that we’re not citizens of a government, or an administration, or a capital city. You and I are born-free citizens of the United States of America. The rest of it, unless government meets its constitutional obligation to secure our individual liberties, is a sideshow.

The Daffy-Chuckles regime arrives with both the potential and the declared intent to do great damage to America. Officially the demolition derby began at noon yesterday, but practically speaking it got rolling weeks ago and continued right through the pre-inauguration party.

A friend, knowing full well that I had no interest in this week’s folderol, made a point of sending me Tuesday’s schedule. I saw that the three official inaugural events that evening were the Asian American and Pacific Islander Inaugural Ball, the “We Are One” Black Community and African Diaspora Celebration, and the Latino Inaugural “Inheritance, Resilience, and Promise.”

Get the idea?

The next four years (at least) will be one big ol’ Panderfest. Typical of the Left, merit and achievement will take a back seat to identity — every identity except American, that is.

If you feel left out, well, that’s just your white fragility showing. Sounds like you need to be deprogrammed.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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