Day 307: Inalienable

Ten months ago today, Governor Richard Michael DeWine shut down The Great State of Ohio. For the last 307 days he’s been engaged in the ruthless, systematic and unjustifiable decimation of the state’s economy and culture.

Deb and I remain well. As we engage in making Ernie roadworthy, we’re doing the same for ourselves, albeit in small ways. Don’t worry, nobody at Second Chance Ranch has taken up running or lifting — perish the thought — but Deb has put us on a daily vitamins-and-supplements regimen. It’s a thing.

She’s got me taking a multivitamin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, a baby aspirin and a vision supplement. (If you think you see an anti-WuFlu theme, you’re not wrong.) I occasionally take CBD as well, therapeutically. I probably should start on some sort of glucosamine-chondroitin supplement for my creaky old joints.

Look, I have no idea if any of this stuff works. I suppose it can’t do any harm. I do love the gummies, though.

Last night, by the way, we had the privilege to celebrate Christmas — yes, almost a month late, but for the best of reasons. A young friend, after four years away in military service to our country, returned home to his family, his friends and his community. His parents invited us to join them for a surprise party.

It was a glorious evening. Great food, great people and just a wonderful vibe. Many homes in the neighborhood (66 of ’em, last I heard) flew their flags and left their Christmas lights up to welcome the young man home.

Outstanding. ‘Merica.

When I hear Americans speak of “constitutional rights,” often it sounds like they believe that a document is the source of our individual liberties — that the Constitution, and thereby the State, has lawful authority to grant and nullify our rights.

Even folks who know better talk like that. And as a People, most of the time we act like it.

That misunderstanding — and illuminating it — is why I do what I do and say what I say. It’s the foundation of Ubi Libertas blog.

Liberty is individual, not collective, and it’s conferred at birth — by Nature or, if you will, by the “Creator” of which the Founders spoke. Our rights are inalienable. They’re not granted by government, and essential Liberty cannot be abrogated by law or cultural whim.

“You have the right to life, to Liberty, to choose and chart your own course to happiness as you define it.”

If you’re alive, you have the natural right to speak without infringement. You have the right to acquire and secure property. You have the right to bear arms, period. You have the right to due process and equal access to justice.

You have the right to life, to Liberty, to choose and chart your own course to happiness as you define it.

The State, of course, can and will seize power, assuming unlawful authority to impose consequences for the exercise of natural rights. It’s not unusual for you and me to face a choice between law and Liberty.

That doesn’t change the primacy of our birthrights. Liberty is superior to law — always.

These days we confront not only government disregarding the reason for its very existence — “to secure these rights” — but a society that demands we submit to groupthink and seeks to void us if we don’t. This is so-called “cancel culture,” and its influence grows by the day.

Let’s say that Facebook and Twitter delete your accounts, and dammit, Parler is still down. Harvard revokes your degree. Your cable company stops carrying any channel that doesn’t fawn over Daffy’n’Chuckles. Democrats on the city council drive your favorite fast-food place, Chick-fil-A, out of town. Your publisher finds out you voted for Trump — twice — and tears up your book deal. Hell, Crazy Maxine even leads a mob that runs you off from a gas station.

Maddening? Sure. Now ask yourself a question: Am I still breathing?

As long as we’re alive, we can’t be canceled. Oh, we can go along to get along. We can camouflage, go quiet, merge with the flock, take care to avoid making waves — but those are choices that none of us has to make.

We can’t be canceled unless we cancel ourselves.

We must stop accepting that the Left, which presumes to own American culture, also owns our lives. The domestic enemies of Liberty ultimately have only the power we give them. They cannot occupy ground that we hold ourselves.

As every football coach I’ve ever known has said, “They can’t beat us — we can only beat ourselves,” and “Run where they ain’t.”

Our lives are our lives. Our values are our values. Our language is our language. Our Liberty is our Liberty and this country is our country.

The transformed America is not our home. We live where Liberty lives — ubi libertas, ibi patria.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

(The header image today is from our escape to Muskingum County in August of last year.)

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