Day 330: Naming names

It’s Day 330 of The First Ohio Shutdown. Deb and I are well.

The knife in today’s header image isn’t the best fixed-blade money can buy, certainly, but (as far as I’m concerned) it might be the best fixed-blade knife for the money. It’s a Morakniv (Mora Knife) — carbon steel, Scandi grind, stick tang with a fused-on plastic handle. The venerable Swedish company has been making knives for 130 years.

Mora offers a whole line of relatively similar models, in carbon steel as well as stainless, but if you spend $20 for one of these you’re paying too much. An inexpensive and decidedly unfancy Mora holds up well under reasonable duty, so it’s the perfect tool to toss in a truck, a tackle box, a stock-and-stow survival kit or a BOB. Some wilderness-education programs are known to provide each student with a Mora for learning basic bushcraft skills.

You can do better, but you can’t do better for cheap. Even if you’re a knife snob — and I am — a Mora will surprise you.

The knife in the photo is an older Frosts Morakniv 640 Viking that I modified slightly. (I shortened the finger guard with a utility knife, a file and a butane lighter.) I think I paid eight bucks for it 12 or 13 years ago. It currently lives in a get-home bag that rides in my Tacoma.

Maybe you’ve heard — Parler is back. It’s pretty gritty right now, up and down, naturally suffering from the crush of users trying to return to the site. Be patient as it claws its way back from Big Tech’s assault on free speech.

I was able to sign-in yesterday afternoon, both on the Parler website and via the Parler app, using the credentials I had when the site went dark last month. I don’t yet see any of my previous parleys or media, but Parler interim CEO @MarkMeckler says it’s all archived and will be rolled out in phases. Works for me.

Once Parler stabilizes, I’ll post a link to the Ubi Libertas page. If you get there before then, search Parler for @UbiLibertas and follow.

Just in case there were any lingering questions about which party now occupies The White House, last Friday the grounds crew planted a bunch of large plywood hearts on the lawn, ostensibly to mark Valentine’s Day. Painted in pink and red and white, bearing words like “hope,” “kindness,” “unity” and other squishisms, we’re told they were the brainchild of Daffy’s wife.

“We hope this lifted your spirits,” she told a reporter.

Lift my spirits? For cryin’ out loud, it looked like The White House had been attacked by a junior-high pep club (and not a very good one). Lift my spirits?

This is not what I demand of my government. It’s one of the most pathetic and vapid displays I’ve ever seen.

If The White House wants to decorate its taxpayer-funded lawn with something more in keeping with its proper role in Americans’ lives, here’s an idea — The Bill of Rights. Plant ten enormous signs, one for each of the first ten amendments to the Constitution. And be sure to make those First and Second Amendment signs big enough for Congress to see them from Capitol Hill.

(Better make that Second Amendment sign two-sided, too, so Daffy’n’Chuckles can read it.)

But no, we got lawn hearts.

Yes, I know what “lawn hearts” sounds like. Before lawn darts were banned by Nanny Fed in 1988, thousands of Americans, most of them unsupervised kids, were injured with them. A handful were killed. I contend that Mrs. McHairsniffer’s insipid lawn hearts are capable of inflicting far more crippling injuries than lawn darts ever could.

To those of you saying that Daffy McHairsniffer, by his statement on Sunday demanding that Congress act to ban “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines,” has declared war on America’s gun owners, I gotta ask — where the hell have you been the last 30 years?

Anyone who’s been paying the slightest attention knows that the ban on “assault weapons” enacted during the Clinton administration was the work of then-Senator Daffy. He’s been ignorantly and dishonestly campaigning to disarm law-abiding Americans for decades. And now here we are, four weeks into The Unmaking of America, because many of you couldn’t bring yourself to pull the lever for Trump.

I mean, you just didn’t like his personality.

Don’t kid yourselves — sweeping, unconstitutional “gun control” legislation has a very good chance in this 117th Congress. And dammit, we warned you.

In Washington, the military occupation — christened “Fort Pelosi” by someone far more clever than me — may continue much longer than you probably expect. That’s according to an internal DHS/DoD e-mail intercepted by Fox 5 DC.

Under consideration for “an extended period, at least through Fall 2021” are “additional options for providing DoD support, to include use of reserve personnel, as well as active component.”

The people behind this charade are the same ones who launched a four-year coup d’état against the 45th president — 20 minutes after he was inaugurated in 2017. They impeached him twice, the second time over protected political speech and just seven days before he left office, symbolic of their blind rage. They conducted an impeachment trial of a private citizen, without jurisdiction.

On Saturday in the Senate, drama was interrupted by comedy. Democrats, grasping the weakness of the case they’d presented (while grasping little else), jammed through a resolution to allow the calling of witnesses, potentially dragging the proceedings out weeks or even months longer.

During a subsequent off-floor confab Republicans called the bluff, presumably threatening these arrogant little shits with a witness list of their own. Within minutes the Democrats went totally, predictably, hilariously limp.

And so there were closing arguments. There was a vote. At the end of this unconstitutional sham of a trial, private citizen Trump was acquitted. I’ll repeat what I said yesterday:

“All of them swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. And every single citizen-servant who voted to impeach, or to convict, violated that sacred oath.”

We knew what Democrats would do, and they did it unanimously in both chambers. What was in doubt throughout the process, however, was which Republicans would vote to register their hatred of Trump and openly declare their disregard of the Constitution.

Now we know. Let’s name names.

The ten Republican U.S. Representatives who voted to impeach President Trump a week before he left office are Liz Cheney (Wyoming), John Katko (New York), Adam Kinzinger (Illinois), Fred Upton (Michigan), Jaime Herrera Beutler (Washington), Dan Newhouse (Washington), Peter Meijer (Michigan, and yes, shoppers, it’s that Meijer), Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio, and yes, Buckeye Nation, it’s that Anthony Gonzalez), Tom Rice (South Carolina) and David Valadao (California).

The seven Republican U.S. Senators who voted to convict private citizen Trump a month after the end of his presidency are Richard Burr (North Carolina), Bill Cassidy (Louisiana), Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Mitt Romney (Utah), Ben Sasse (Nebraska) and Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania).

There’s also a select group of Democrats who deserve to be named here. The nine Democrat U.S. Representatives who served as impeachment managers are Jamie Raskin (Maryland), Diana DeGette (Colorado), David Cicilline (Rhode Island), Joaquin Castro (Texas), Eric Swalwell (California), Ted Lieu (California), Stacey Plaskett (Virgin Islands), Joe Neguse (Colorado) and Madeleine Dean (Pennsylvania).

What Trump always called a “witch hunt” isn’t over, though, not by a long shot. Anti-American Democrats may not have nailed his hide to the wall, at least not the way they tried to for four years, but they’re still coming after us.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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