‘They’re gonna overstep’

This is Day 338 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve. Deb and I are fine today.

You may have noticed that “Day 338” doesn’t appear in the headline of today’s post. That’s intentional. I’m retiring that standard, at least for now, but you can be sure that I’m still keepin’ score.

Warmer weather and a receding snow pack made it possible for us to get back into Ernie yesterday. All’s well, generally speaking, but the chassis batteries had gone dead and needed an external charge. We’ll fire up the diesel today and resume our preparations. Time’s a-wastin’.

Eleven months ago today — March 24, 2020 — our governor closed The Great State of Ohio. My fellow Buckeyes and I, despite being assured that “we’re all in this together,” were designated by the State either “essential” or “non-essential.” We were told that the unprecedented shutdown would be lifted April 7th.

We needed only 15 days to… well, you know.

That was a lie.

It was a conscious, calculated lie. The governor knew it. His incurably autocratic Minister of Health knew it. Those of us who said so at the time were denounced as cynics, extremists and worse. We’ve been proven right.

In Ohio and across the country, Americans have been subjected to a year of decrees and restrictions, lies and incompetence. We’ve watched as actions taken under the guise of “public health” broke an economy, killed a culture and destroyed more lives than a Chinese virus has (or could).

The damage was done not by a biological contagion, but by the social contagion of fear and the State’s exploitation of it. And it’s far from over.

Mask hysteria continues, even as it’s becoming increasingly absurd. More and more Americans every day are believing The Great Vaccine Lie, as if “needles in arms” has any bearing on the State or “getting back to normal.” The new progressive regime in Washington is only too happy to perpetuate the panic — case in point, Doctor Dementia will order flags to half-staff to mark a half-million WuFlu deaths.

First of all, that’s an abuse of the symbol, betraying ignorance of flag law. Second, we know those numbers are inflated. And third, even if the count of 500,000 deaths was accurate, in the big picture it’s cause to throw a parade — after all, original projections put America over 2 million deaths by now.

But that was a lie, too. See what’s happening here?

I don’t expect The Runaway WuFlu Train to slow down any time soon. I don’t believe we can achieve the critical mass of righteous rage required to derail it. The best we can do is to live as individuals, as true Americans, in bold and active opposition to the State’s efforts to control the People.

An Ubi Libertas reader asked, after seeing my recent posts, if I knew what Rush Limbaugh’s last words were. I don’t, of course; I expect only a few people would. I do know, however, the last words he spoke into the Golden EIB Microphone on February 2nd, at the end of what would be his final broadcast.

After thanking Mark Steyn for being on standby that Tuesday afternoon, he said,

“We’ll be back soon.”

Poignant as that is, more important is what he said preceding it in his show’s closing segment.

“They’re gonna overstep, and it isn’t gonna take ’em long, and it isn’t gonna be pretty when all kinds of people start to figure it out.”

The day he said that, the Daffy’n’Chuckles regime was three weeks into its campaign of anti-American executive overreach. The context for the remark was Daffy’s order killing tens of thousands of American jobs, blue-collar types who presumably had voted for “pro-labor” Democrats.

Beyond executive orders, the new administration is engaging in sweeping overreach-by-proxy. Every nominee is an apparatchik committed to The Unmaking of America.

We saw that on full display Monday, when Daffy’s pick for attorney general — a leftist ideologue still smarting from being kept off the Supreme Court by Republicans five years ago — responded to a question about “gun control” by saying, essentially, “Whatever Daffy wants, Daffy gets.”

Let that sink in. The man who’ll soon head the federal Department of Justice, a guy who already has an axe to grind against Liberty-loving Americans, has telegraphed that his fidelity to the president who nominated him trumps the oath he’ll swear to defend the Constitution of the United States. He said that his DoJ would enforce laws that trample the Second Amendment, because that’s what this president favors.

That steps well over the line separating Liberty from tyranny.

Once again, The Ruling Class are putting us in the position of taking a side. By their actions they make it clear that they hate us. They’re reminding us that there’s a difference between State and country, subject and citizen, law and right.

It’s time not only for resistance, but for defiance. Patriotic disobedience is called for.

You shouldn’t infer from today’s header image that I’m suggesting any sort of violent or armed response. I’m not. The born-free American in that photo simply is exercising an inalienable right without any intention of bowing to those who seek to rob him of it.

As we all should.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath