Two weeks in springtime

It’s Day 377 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve. Deb and I are ok.

Two weeks ago this morning we embarked on our maiden voyage with Ernie. The time has flown, and yet it feels strangely like we’ve been doing this longer than just 15 days. We’ve settled into a routine of sorts — not mundane, certainly not boring, simply comfortable.

I’d forgotten what contentment feels like.

Now if we’d had 15 clear, balmy and uneventful days like today we might, by some definition, be even happier — but we wouldn’t’ve learned nearly as much. Every single hiccup and problem and roadblock has validated our decision to undertake this abbreviated “shakedown cruise.”

(I just re-read that last sentence, chuckling at the word “abbreviated.” Our current holiday is over three times longer than anything Deb and I have enjoyed in 16 years together. Hell, by Tuesday it’ll be a week longer than any vacation I’ve had in 50 years.)

We’d have no problem coming to this campground again if we could land on a similar spot. We have a fair bit of space on the curb (passenger) side, and we face a steep wooded hillside we’ve watched come to life over the last seven days.

The only thing that’d keep us away, really, is how tightly packed the sites are — that’s not unusual, generally speaking, for a commercial campground, but on the road (driver’s) side we have two trailers within ten feet of our bus. (See today’s header image, shot this morning from the window over our dinette.) Our neighbors scarcely have room to set up, much less build a responsible fire in their ring. And yeah, they built one anyway.

I’m sure we’ll find ourselves in other places like this, but it’s a reminder that we prefer state parks, even if a lack of hookups dictates a shorter stay.

When we pass this way again — and I’m certain we will — we have our eye on another private RV park a few miles farther up the road. We got previews on our trolley rides, which swung through the front end of the place. It has the woodsy setting and elbow room we’re lookin’ for.

Shortly after sunset we rolled up our outdoor rug, folded our camp chairs and stowed everything we could, indoors and out. Some might consider that a little premature, but we intend to roll as early as we can in the morning, and the more we do now the less we’ll have to do then.

The eve of a travel day is different. At least we treat it that way.

Staying on top of our game means not putting things off. In RVing, as in life, procrastination creates problems. Attacking tasks right away, while they’re in front of us and before we’re distracted by something else, pays dividends.

Tomorrow morning, we’re on the move again.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath