The definition of ‘down time’

This is Day 382 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve. Since that “curve” was well and truly flattened over a year ago, now our Betters are threatening us with “waves.”

Whatever. Deb and I are fine.

Today was for decompressing, for relaxing, for basking in the glow of a successful mission. We did accomplish a number of things, all related to the bus, but we did so in deliberate fashion — nothing was rushed. Everything done was necessary and everything necessary was done.

I dug into Ernie’s basement and pulled out some of the outdoor gear that suffered from rain and mud — I unrolled the patio mat, for example, hanging it over the clothesline to be hosed down later. I gathered the receipts and records we kept and organized them for future reference. Anything that had to be cleaned, and that’d be easier to clean while we’re here, came out.

We did laundry.

During the “shakedown cruise” we compiled a list of things we needed to acquire — replacement parts, spare parts, convenience items and supplies — and began placing online orders a few days ago, timing them to arrive over the next week or so. One package already was waiting for us when we got back yesterday. Another pile showed up today.

Our mail carrier and delivery drivers will grow to hate us, I’m sure.

Another task on my short list is Ernie’s First Bath. That’ll be a considerable project, probably taking half a day or more, but the bus is filthy right now and desperately needs it. I’d rather do the job myself than pay a truck wash or a mobile service.

And we absolutely have to renew our Ohio Driver Licenses, both expired and yet technically still valid thanks to Ohio’s WuFlu grace period. They weren’t honored by the moonshine store we visited in Tennessee, though, so we presented our Ohio concealed-carry licenses, which they accepted. We don’t want to deal with that again when there’s more at stake than a few Mason jars of likker.

Something I didn’t mention yesterday was that we drove past the exit for Second Chance Ranch on our way back so that we could top-off with diesel and propane and dump the holding tanks. We patronized the local truck stop we’d used when heading out almost three weeks before, and we were greeted by the same friendly young woman who worked with us on the 21st.

I was pleased to see that running both furnaces on several sub-freezing nights, plus cooking, plus running the fridge while underway, plus firing the LP water heater a bit, had consumed only seven gallons of our 38-gallon propane supply. The last time we’d filled up with diesel, however, was five days into the trip, and two weeks later the tank took over 57 gallons. That came to $181.

It is what it is. And eight miles to the gallon is right in line with what we expected.

The next two weeks will be busy. After that, things should get much more interesting.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath