Game over. Game on.

“This is a president whose pathological concern about COVID is almost bizarre.”

Newt Gingrich

It’s Day 401 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve. Deb and I are ok, thanks.

Daffy McHairsniffer, current occupant of the Oval Office, reportedly will address a joint session of Congress tonight — sort of. Like his inauguration in January, it’ll be invitation only, with the massive Capitol chamber at roughly 20% of its capacity.

This a day after Double-Mask Daffy told you that you no longer have to wear a mask outdoors, even as he wore two, outdoors. I’m not making that up.

Oh, and the CDC issued new “guidelines” to help Karen Nation decide what they should hysterically object to.

All of it on Daffy’s 100th day. Think about that — and after you do, just try to convince me that any of it is grounded in science, or data, or reality.

Meanwhile, the veneration of vaccination as The New Religion continues. Naturally, there’s much shaming of anyone who doesn’t dutifully comply. We’re even seeing states and municipalities moving toward establishing “vaccination passports” — which would be breathtakingly dishonest and patently illegal.

Then again, the Left has never been constrained by facts or the Constitution.

Tucker Carlson, typically, summed it up in magnificent fashion last night:

“Here’s where we are right now: if you want to live in this country, you will need a vaccination. If you’re the right skin color, the government will celebrate when you get it. But either way, you must get it. The vaccine works per-fect-ly — don’t question that. Once you do get the vaccine, you must continue to live as if you didn’t get the vaccine, for the protection of people who chose not to get the vaccine. And if that bothers you, or you have questions about why we’re doing it this way, then you are a bad person and we must hurt you. Get ready to be unemployed, if not in prison for reckless endangerment, a felony. Hope that settles your concerns about the available science on vaccines. Roll up your sleeve.”

Here’s another perspective — notice that the Daffy-Chuckles regime perpetuates irrational fear of WuFlu, at the same time insisting that the crush of illegals at the southern border isn’t a “crisis.”

One is based purely on a false narrative, while the other undermines America’s very foundation. And only one satisfies the State’s appetite for control.

If you believe the propaganda, you’re no longer a citizen. You’re merely a subject of the Crown.

The biggest threat was never a virus. A ravenous State and a complicit populace, along with gross overreaction to an unfamiliar biological contagion behaving in a very familiar way, has always posed the greatest danger to a free People.

This “pandemic” — to the extent that it existed at all — is long over. Get on with your life.

“If reality replaces panic, they — and the media — are doomed.”

Rush Limbaugh

Now we’re gettin’ down to it. Bills are paid. Laundry’s done. Ernie’s slides are in and there he sits in the Second Chance Ranch driveway, up on his suspension. To me it almost looks as if he’s leaning forward.

The diesel purred at idle this morning. Likewise the generator, although I’m wrestling with its cantankerous remote switch again. (No matter — I’ll address that down the road.)

All that’s left is transferring a little food and a few personal items from the house to the bus. From the chassis to the roof, thanks to a shitload of work and invaluable lessons learned over 19 “shakedown” days on the road, we’re in good shape.

We’ll occupy ourselves here while a couple of days of rain and wind pass through, and then we’ll be off.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

And stay defiant, dammit.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath