Not every room has a postcard view

It’s Day 405 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve. Deb and I are fine this evening.

We knocked back nearly 300 miles again today, notching our fifth and sixth states aboard Ernie. For the second straight day we fought a stiff crosswind, and for an hour or so we jousted with traffic in another large American city, but the pavement was more agreeable and the sailing was, overall, smoother.

Despite the challenges, I truly do love driving this bus.

Our Garmin GPS, allegedly tailored to large RVs, today tried to sabotage us just like it did during our Tennessee shakedown in March — although it got us to the town in which our destination is located without drama, it finished the route by snaking us down a mile of near-alleys. We even brushed overhead wires, somehow avoiding snagging them.

We escaped unscathed, thanks to dumb luck and some deliberate maneuvering. From now on, however, I’ll reject this device’s advice for local routes and find my own way. We’ve already mapped our exit from here, choosing a wide and straight business route.

We’re set up for the next few nights in what I’d have to call an odd place. It’s a gravel parking lot, probably 200 feet by 100 feet, along the edges of which are installed a half-dozen 50A pedestals, fresh-water hydrants and sewer hookups — a six-site “RV park” tucked between a quiet residential neighborhood and an old-school industrial area.

This is a humble river town, one of many in the area. The people are friendly, the very definition of traditional American values. We’re here to visit an old friend who, as it turns out, grew up with the husband and wife who own this RV park.

Small world? Nope — small town.

The park is exactly half-full tonight. Our view through Ernie’s windshield is of a local church. Behind us, on the other side of a tall fence, is a public-works building.

Ordinary as the setting is, the sites are level, the hookups are top-notch and the grounds are clean. I’ll take digs like this any day over some overrated pseudo-resort. At $25 a night, please, take my money.

Deb’s carefully plotted out the next couple of weeks, spending a good bit of time today sending e-mails and making phone calls. She’s come up with some intriguing stopovers — and, believe it or not, some will cost us even less than our current situation.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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