Putting a bow on Arkansas

We’ve been living this nomadic life for five weeks, touching five states and soon adding six and seven. It was the 12th of May when we officially entered The Ozarks and crossed into Arkansas, and we’ve been here (in three different campgrounds) ever since.

As we prepare to pull up our stakes on Sunday and roll into Oklahoma and Texas next week, we’re noticing that we have more than usual to deal with. Stuff got unpacked and was left unpacked. We’ll need to reset our stowing scheme, or at least tidy it up, because we’ve pretty much made ourselves at home here.

Essentially, we’ve put down shallow roots. We spread out. We really didn’t plan to do that.

Getting our fried fridge replaced is ample motivation to move on. Today brought good news on that front — the new unit arrived three days early at the Texas dealer where it’ll be installed, and that adds a bit of certainty to our upcoming two-day run. We’ll press as far as we can Sunday and finish the drive Monday morning.

This afternoon I went out to Ernie’s refrigerator-access compartment to (again) survey the fire damage. Of specific interest to me was the 120V AC outlet, the one with a dedicated circuit breaker, so I tested it — sure enough, it’s toast. Monday’s install will have to include replacing that, too.

Our Canadian campground neighbors, with whom we’ve struck up an easy camaraderie, returned today from a long weekend away. Tomorrow, at their invitation, we’ll be accompanying them for an afternoon in southern Missouri. Should be fun.

These three-plus weeks in Arkansas have been the best of times. We intend to close it out in style — and then, without hesitation, it’ll be time to get on down the road.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath