Acclimating to our surroundings today was a pleasure. Being here is easier than getting here was. In surroundings this familiar we quickly felt at home, settling ourselves as we had before (albeit on a different site).

Ernie’s arrival yesterday, captured by Deb as I brought the bus onto our site.

Our peace, and our purpose, began yesterday as soon as I took the transmission out of gear, set the brake and turned the ignition key to the left. We slept well last night, better than we have in a while, better maybe than since the night before the fire — and that was a month ago.

This morning we eased into the day with coffee in our stoneware mugs and fresh air under the trees. We nested, did light chores and chatted with our neighbors. And if all that sounds wholly unambitious to you, we don’t much care. We make no apologies.

The Canadian couple we befriended here last month still occupy their site, but right now they’re off visiting another state. When they heard we were coming back, they were kind enough to leave the keys to their toad, a Jeep Wrangler, at the campground office so that we could use it to hunt for a toad of our own.

Who does that, right?

Twice today we ventured out to visit dealerships and lay eyes on vehicles we’d scouted online. I don’t think either of us expected to find anything compelling right away, but it was a constructive first step.

We’ll get there.

Now our Tuesday is winding down. The sun has disappeared behind the trees and the evening breeze is soft and cool. There’s a very good chance I’ll end this day with bourbon and a cigar. Seems like the right thing to do, considering.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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