The Third

This is an in-between date for me. Yesterday was The Real Independence Day and tomorrow’s the Fourth of July, my favorite holiday of the year. Maybe I don’t observe it with the reverence I accord April 19th, but I love my country and July of 1776 is when it came to be.

And so I celebrate.

I’ve noticed lately that true Americans are growing angrier by the day. High-profile artists like Aaron Lewis and Toby Keith have released singles this week — “Am I the Only One” and “Happy Birthday, America,” respectively — giving voice to that rage.

I get it. I’m pissed, too.

What I’ve also seen, as we’ve traveled through The Heartland, is that rightful and righteous anger is galvanizing the best of America. Time will tell if this momentum will have a constructive effect on the direction of the country, but I’m encouraged.

The tide may be turning.

Deb and I puttered around today, ran errands and had a disappointing lunch. (No, not every dining experience is a winner.) We also retrieved a pile of packages from the campground office — our pattern seems to be needing supplies and parts every two weeks, stuff that’s generally unavailable locally, and the latest round of shipments is trickling in.

Not all parks allow that. They’re really good about it here.

Early this morning, while Deb was still asleep, I attacked Mercy’s soft-top windows with tint-safe window cleaner, plastic polish and elbow grease. They were cloudy and scratched from age and use, and although I couldn’t make them look new again, I’m pleased to say that the results were worth the effort.

Satisfied, I put away my cleaning supplies, poured myself another cup of coffee and plopped down in a camp chair. The sun hadn’t yet risen above the trees, but in the dappled light I could see that we had a full park this morning.

That brought a smile. We want the owners of this campground to succeed, and a full park on a holiday weekend is a very good thing.

The license plates on the sites around ours tell the story — Texas, Louisiana, California, Missouri, Arkansas, New York, Ontario. As was true here Memorial Day weekend, an American flag flies on nearly every site. Patriots are present.

First thing tomorrow morning I’ll find a quiet spot and read the Declaration of Independence out loud, an annual tradition for me. We’ll grill brats and honor America. In the evening we’ll drive into town to take in the local fireworks show.


Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Guard your Liberty and celebrate our independence. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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