At eleven weeks

Ernie’s first full day with solar capabilities began as a total washout. There was no sun to be seen. It occurs to me that there’s something perfectly perfect about that.

Deb and I shared a campfire with our Canadian friends last night. We bid them fond farewell as they rolled out, bound for home, early this morning. Having been planted in Arkansas since mid-winter, it’s been many months since they’ve seen their family north of the border. We’re thrilled for them.

We have about two weeks left here ourselves. There are sights still to see and work still to do. When we pull up stakes we’ll resume our push toward South Dakota. Then it’s on to Wyoming and Montana. where we hear it’s become difficult (bordering on impossible) to find campsites. On top of that, national parks and many other attractions are restricting access, requiring reservations for entry.

We’re undeterred but realistic. No doubt we’ll be blocked from some places we’d hoped to go, but in this great country we’ll go where we can — in football terms, we’ll “run where they ain’t.”

Some of our best moments the last eleven weeks have happened in places that weren’t on our list. We look forward to more of that.

Come October we’ll be right back here. We’ve already made our reservations.

We brought down our American flag this morning, replacing it for the next couple of days with the colors of Squeek’s Bar & Grill. And why would we do that?

Well, back in Ohio a bunch of the Squeek’s “trailer trash” family are gathering for music and good times. Alcohol may be involved. Memories will be made.

If we’d gone toad shopping in Ohio instead of Arkansas, we’d be there with them. That wasn’t meant to be, however, so we fly the flag and join them in spirit.

We wouldn’t trade our American Life on the road for anything. But when we’re asked what we miss about the place we left behind on May 1st, the answer’s always the same — Squeek’s and the special friends who have become family.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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