Again again

We didn’t do anything adventurous today. We didn’t do anything new. What we did today was, in a word, repetitive — we went back to places we’ve been before and did things we’ve done already at least once.

Today’s destination, generally speaking, was the town of Yellville. We returned to Gray Spring — on our own this time — and filled our Nalgene bottles with sweet water from this natural artesian well. We waded in the stream, barefoot.

Our love of barbecue drew us back to Black Sheep BBQ Smokehouse & Grill, the best we’ve had in The Ozarks. We met up with Deb’s cousin there, and I ordered my favorite — “The Hawg Dawg.”

The one-man band entertaining on the deck out front hailed me as we left, calling me “Willie.” (Must’ve been the hair.) He offered to play me any one of the three Willie Nelson songs he knows, my choice, and I accepted.

He serenaded me with “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.” I dropped a five in his tip jar.

Afterward we retired to the mountain and Deb’s cousin’s porch. For hours we sipped cold beer and talked, gazing out over a hazy mid-summer landscape.

And then we drove back to the campground and Ernie, our home on wheels.

So yeah, today gets low marks for originality and excitement. It was, however, in all the ways that matter, absolutely perfect.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath