The road ahead

(If you didn’t like my “Liberty & The Map” post the other day, then you’re really not gonna like this one.)

Since Deb and I have been on the road and away from Second Chance Ranch for three months, we haven’t had to answer a knock on our door from the Vaxpol. If you’ve been reading my recent posts, you know that soon we’ll head north and west from Arkansas toward South Dakota and Montana, where we plan to visit a number of national parks, monuments and recreation areas.

We’re well aware of the direction the national WuFlu narrative is trending. Although most of the states we’ll pass through are Liberty-friendly, relatively speaking, state governments are powerless to control what happens on federal property.

The feds, on the other hand, can lawfully decree only what happens inside the walls of federal facilities and within the boundaries of federal lands. They have the ability to dictate to federal employees. Within the law, that’s it.

So when the current occupant of the Oval Office threatens this lockdown or that mandate, justified by waves or strains or variants or whatever, we know that there’s a clear legal limit to his authority.

We also know that if the feds impose new restrictions — and I expect it to happen just before Labor Day — we may be blocked from some of the destinations on our itinerary.

We’ll adjust our plans. We won’t sacrifice our principles.

At this point I could bypass some inconvenient facts, but I won’t. The “experts” have been wildly and repeatedly wrong about this coronavirus — which is real, by the way, and potentially deadly to a small segment of the population — for over 18 months. No thinking American owes them a shred of credibility anymore.

We’ve been lied to. We were told that this coronavirus is different. (It’s not.) We were told that it’s transmitted in new ways. (It isn’t.) We were told, with presumed authority, that if we all pulled together and did certain things — engage in “pandemic theater,” that is — it’d go away in 15 days. (We did. It didn’t.)

They said that they “follow the science.” (They haven’t.)

Our government has ignored its prime directive — not to “keep us safe,” which is the battle cry of slaves, but to guard our Liberty, which is the birthright of Americans. Decree after illegal decree has been piled onto the People. And for what?

If, for your own reasons, you’ve chosen not to wear a mask or take an unapproved vaccine, in just the last week you’ve been called idiot, stupid, selfish, ignorant, crazy, criminal and worse. That belittling comes not only from a complicit media but from The White House itself.

It reinforces what we’ve known all along — that this was never about a virus or “public health.” From the get-go it’s been about control. It’s been about making people dependent. It been designed to underwrite the lie that government should (and will) protect us. The Permanent State and its disciples have a vested interest in perpetuating a Permanent Pandemic.

I’ve never claimed that the virus isn’t real. I’ve never subscribed to conspiracy theories because, in light of countless disturbing facts I confront every day, theories become an irrelevant distraction. (The truth is dangerous enough all on its own.) I’m not here to tell anyone today that they should or shouldn’t travel or get vaccinated or wear a mask.

You have the right to make your own choices. That’s the Liberty you were born with.

I can speak only for Deb and me, and we’ve had enough of this nonsense. We don’t recognize the Permanent Pandemic. We will travel and we will live our best American Life — and we’ll do so as the born-free Americans we are.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath