This was a most straightforward day, so this will be a simple post.

Deb and I figured that while we’re here for several days we’d return to Wall Drug Store, which is an hour’s drive west. That much undiluted Americana isn’t for everyone, we know that, but we thoroughly enjoyed our visit in August. And this morning we were given another reason to go back.

See, Dipstick hasn’t been improving. We decided to get in touch with our veterinarian back in Ohio, who advised that his symptoms appear to be the result of a “crash” related to his Cushing’s treatment. The vet ordered a higher dose of “rescue” meds, which we had on hand, along with an anti-nausea pill, which we didn’t. He asked us to designate where, out here on the prairie, we’d like him to call-in the prescription.

Wall Drug, of course.

We drove there this afternoon, stopping briefly at the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site to pick up a plush “Bert the Turtle” for Ernie’s dashboard. At Wall Drug, we entered the attraction’s Old West Mall and found — no kidding — The Wall Drug Apothecary Shop & Pharmacy Museum. Inside the tiny space we were greeted by a kindly old pharmacist, who filled Dipstick’s prescription.

After taking care of that necessary business, we browsed the shops and had lunch at the Wall Drug Café before hopping on the Interstate and driving back to the campground.

Our little ‘Stick is perkier this evening, still without much of an appetite but that should return in time. Again, at this point we’re doing all we can.

I’ll close tonight by saying that it was good coming “home” to this place, both the people and the surroundings. That feeling of rightness validates the choice Deb and I made to stop here on our way back through South Dakota.

Season’s end — as of sunset this evening, we have no neighbors.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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