Eastbound & down

Today we had ourselves the smoothest and least eventful drive in recent memory. It was short (150 miles), the weather was calm and clear, traffic on the Interstates was relatively light and all of the pavement we rolled over was in respectable shape (considering the kind of winters they get up here).

If not for a couple of construction zones, which totaled maybe 25 miles, it might’ve been a perfect travel day.

After another early start we topped off with diesel in Sioux Falls, right around the halfway point. Then, having spent the last 660 road miles eastbound on I-90, we did something we haven’t done in weeks.

We turned south.

Well ahead of schedule by then, we ducked into a rest area, the same one where we celebrated entering this state two months ago. We walked the dogs and relaxed for an hour before covering the last 20 miles to our destination.

We still got here ten minutes before check-in.

This is the pace we run — free of pressure, urgency and the pursuit of braggin’ rights. We stop wherever and whenever we feel like it. We took to this road for pleasure, not for achievement. We’ve pretty much perfected our way of doing things.

We’ll take a couple of days here before resuming. It’s a fine little park — right off the highway and no postcard view, but it has all we need. Just right.

Best of all, we have no agenda for our stay. I think we’ve got that handled.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

(Today’s header image is but a drive-by glimpse of the stranger-than-fiction Porter Sculpture Park, Montrose, South Dakota.)

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