Say it with me: ‘Deep-fried bacon’

Last night, for the first time since we returned to northern Arkansas, we dined at Jamie’s Restaurant, aka “Jamie’s Local Flavor,” in Harrison. Once again we were impressed with the quality and creativity of the menu.

I won’t take time to describe my entrée — I chose light fare, leaving room for the stars of the show.

It began with a quart Ball jar of proper sweet tea. Then came the appetizer — deep-fried bacon. Yup, Deb and I shared five thick slices of smoked bacon, battered southern-style and deep-fried to a golden brown. It was amazing.

Dessert was homemade bread pudding with black walnuts and raspberry drizzle — dense, rich and delicious, the perfect cap to a wonderful meal.

It finally stopped raining. After four days of the wet stuff we have a chance to get out and dry out — the sun’s shining, winds are calm and our outdoor life is back in business. It’s a mild and bright Saturday in The Ozarks.

Before the inclement weather left us, last night the power went out in the campground. No cause was obvious, and after about 15 minutes the lights (etc.) came back on.

Throughout yesterday I’d been noticing that our 50A feed was running hotter than 120V — both legs, and by 10%. (Our Hughes Autoformers “Power Watchdog” surge protector lets me monitor shore power via an app on my phone.) After the outage, voltage returned to normal. In talking with our campground host this morning, she reported that the power company itself was responsible for the wink, apparently to reset line voltage. Mysteries solved.

We went out briefly this afternoon to pick up a few supplies, unmotivated to do more. It was that kind of day — nice and easy.

On Black Friday 2019, after four-plus years behind the counter, I worked my last day at the gun shop. We were slammed, naturally, and I learned later that the store set one-day marks for both background checks and sales. It was one helluva way to go out.

Nationally, according to the FBI, it was the second-most-active day on record, with more than 200,000 NICS requests. I believe it was Breitbart that first made the analogy that Americans had bought enough guns that Black Friday to arm every active-duty Marine.

A few days afterward Deb posted a link to a similar story on her Facebook page. And today, almost 23 months later, Facebook deleted her post, calling it “spam.”

Now hold your horses — I’m not going where you think I’m going.

From what I can tell, the Tribunist site appears to have been compromised and is now offline. I don’t know if that had anything to do with Tribunist‘s hard-right content. I also can’t say if linking to a dead site qualifies as “spam.”

But lets suppose that leftist nannies (or Zuckerbots) deleted Deb’s post because it celebrated Americans buying a shitload of guns. Her pro-guns post was visible for almost two years before being censored. That’s a win.

Back in January I reported here that Facebook unceremoniously deleted my entire account — no warning, cause or explanation. Some of you know that I created a new profile six weeks later. I did that because Facebook is where the eyeballs are. No pro-Liberty “safe space” comes close.

I don’t “boycott” stuff. Almost all boycotts are pointless, nothing more than virtue-signaling.

Besides, I get a perverse kick out of using a medium created and “controlled” by progressives to launch assaults on progressive ideology. Deb and I can reach more like-minded Americans through Facebook than we could by using all conservative sites combined.

We don’t play it safe, but we don’t try to get buckled, either. When we are sanctioned, we consider it a badge of honor.

Liberty-loving Americans who refuse to comply with health mandates are tarred as “vaccine skeptics,” among other uncomplimentary things. I’d like to suggest that in most cases it’s not a vaccine they’re skeptical about.

It’s government.

The last 590 days — beginning when the People’s Republic of California became the first to “order” born-free Americans to stay at home — only confirmed what many of us have always known: The State cannot and should not be trusted. The State lies. The State inflames fear to seize control.

Obedience turns a citizen into a subject — and a fool. Skepticism is essential to Liberty.

I stand with those who distrust government, defy the State and make their own choices.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB

(Today’s header image: Red-winged blackbirds rising from the cattails, Belvidere, South Dakota, August 13th.)