Gallery: ‘Workmanlike, utility travel’

Today I’m subjecting you to another photo gallery. This collection of images is a confession of sorts, an illustrated guide to how very wrong I was when, on the eve of our departure from Glacier, I predicted,

“The next several weeks won’t be sightseeing — it’ll be workmanlike, utility travel, the sort of mileage that doesn’t pack much (if any) enjoyment.”

I maintain that my pessimism was justified. We reluctantly were leaving behind our “prize,” and we had almost 2,000 miles to cover before coming to rest again. It wasn’t something I looked forward to.

Those 27 days surprised me, however, packed full of sights and sounds and and unexpected experiences that turned drudgery into delight. The trip became a lesson learned, again, that there’s joy in every moment, every mile.

(A special thanks to Deb for many of these images, captured while I was occupied at the wheel of Ernie.)

Late yesterday I peeked in on some of the live webcams maintained by the Montana Department of Transportation. Conditions in a few of the places we traveled, including a couple of locales from the gallery above, aren’t quite what they were when we passed through on our way to and from Glacier Park — like Bozeman Pass (which we saw on August 31) and Homestake Pass (September 1st) on I-90, and US Highway 2 (September 16th).

At roughly the same time, I checked out an Arkansas DOT webcam on US Highway 65 not far from where Ernie is parked.

US 65 at Cricket Creek (elevation 1,161)

As much as we loved Montana, this time of year I think we’ll stick around here awhile.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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