Two months

I closed yesterday’s post with an expression of optimism, making the observation that in the middle of my seventh decade on Earth I have much still to look forward to. As Ray Scott would say, I’m “nowhere near done.”

“Keep moving,” I said, stressing its importance. That emphasis must’ve seemed odd, considering that the bus’n’us have been in one place for so long.

We arrived at this campground two months ago today, coming off of an exhilarating 73-day run through South Dakota and Wyoming to Montana and back. Deb and I, Scout and Dipstick, Ernie and Mercy have made ourselves at home in a place that feels like Home.

And we’ll be here a while longer.

Over the last 61 days we’ve seen the countryside go from green to gold to gray as autumn eased toward winter. We watched our hosts decorate this park for Halloween, then Thanksgiving and now Christmas. Deb and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary at a quaint Italian restaurant and we enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with family on The Mountain.

Not long after planting on this campsite we played host to visiting friends and family. We day-tripped north to ride a cart around Top of The Rock, south to canoe the Buffalo River and east for authentic Ozarks barbecue.

We’ve made new friends and discovered more great places to do business. We’ve basked in Southern hospitality and we’ve savored Southern cookin’.

Bright days and starry nights. A chill in the air. Countless campfires. And yes, we’ve spent day after memorable day on The Mountain — a place that’s easy to love and very hard for us to leave. It’s in us now.

All that and more (much more than you know) in just two months. Even though Ernie’s wheels haven’t moved lately, we haven’t stopped. The adventure rolls on.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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