Get your joy on

Merry Christmas, my friends.

For as long as I’ve been alive — almost 65 years, if you’re keeping score — I’ve seen cards and banners and store-window displays bearing the words, “Season’s Greetings,” “Happy Holidays” and the like. I’ve always understood those expressions to be respectful acknowledgement that not all of my fellow Americans observe the Christian nativity story.

Fine with me. ‘Merica.

Yes, we’ve seen our culture shift much farther toward the secular over the last 20 years. The more liberal among us have asserted control of media and much of our commerce. America always has been undeniably and naturally multicultural, but now “multiculturalism” has become a thing — a contrived thing, an exaggerated thing, an angry thing.

The primary targets of progressive ire are Christian Americans, white Americans and, especially obvious this time of year, American traditions. As a result, I’ve sensed that this country and its culture don’t resemble the America of my childhood. It hasn’t felt the same to me.

One disturbing development is the way that many Americans now invoke the traditional “Merry Christmas.” Often it’s delivered with a defiant tone — as in, “Fuck you, I’ll say ‘Merry Christmas’ if I want to!” Conservatives and Christians took liberals’ poisoned bait and, in the process, they themselves took the joy out of a simple “Merry Christmas.”

I formed that perception while living and working for the last two decades in central Ohio. This holiday season, however, I’m in The Ozarks of northern Arkansas. It’s the first time I’ve spent Christmas in The South.

Things are different here.

People ’round here say “Merry Christmas” — and I mean everyone, all the time. They greet with a smile. They wish from the heart.

They say “Merry Christmas” with joy.

These folks live in the same America that you and I do. They see the same troubling things we see. The difference is that they’re not threatened by attempts to “fundamentally transform” them. They know that they can’t lose what they don’t give up willingly.

They say “Merry Christmas” — with the joy it deserves — because they always have and always will. It’s that simple.

On this Christmas Day, treasure your traditions. Throw off the world and gather with family and friends — certainly an act of defiance these days, but do it out of love and Liberty that won’t be denied.

Whether you keep the season as sacred or secular, this is Christmastime — get your joy on.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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