Snowy day in The Ozarks

At last, we got snow — as in real snow, on-the-ground snow. It started falling around dawn and didn’t quit ’til noon, with a few flakes still floating in the air even as darkness fell. It wasn’t much, maybe an inch in places, but the soft sight lifted our spirits.

You read that right — 20°F and snow made us happy.

I guess we’re not your typical RVers. We’re not chasing the sun. We don’t “follow the butter” after all. This winter we’ve chosen to plant our flag in a part of The American South where the seasons actually change.

We love The Ozarks. Right now, this is where we belong.

An hour east of here on The Mountain, Deb’s cousin reported snow as well. We briefly considered saddling-up and driving over, to take in the scene and maybe run the Ranger around, but we decided against it.

There will be other snowy mornings for us up there, we’re sure of that.

All’s well here. Ernie’s furnaces continue to purr. We’re warm and we’re dry. I expect we’ll set another record low tonight (14°F predicted) before daytime temps climb into the 50s this weekend.

Some of you might be wondering if I’d have anything to say on this first anniversary of the storming of the US Capitol. Truth is, this morning I wrote about 1,500 angry words on the subject — and then I deleted it.

I realized that all I was doing was returning fire in a pissing match. It was pointless.

I had Fox News Channel up on the TV in Ernie’s living space when the “vice president” spoke this morning, displaying all the gravitas of Pee-wee Herman. After equating the events of last January 6th to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 — oh yes, she did — she introduced the current occupant of the Oval Office, heavily medicated and racing his daily sundowning.

They shamelessly fanned anti-Trump sentiment, perpetuated a debunked “insurrection” narrative and demeaned their opposition. The performance was devoid of leadership or anything resembling the proper role of government.

Rhetorically the “speeches” were weak, crude and hysterical, and only a sycophant would claim otherwise. The pair spouted lies and hyperbole gross enough to make even partisans cringe. (See also “The Pandemic of The Unvaccinated.”) There was no attempt to cajole or persuade, much less unite. They drew a bright line between true Americans and disciples of their craven agenda.

Fine with me. I didn’t need to be reminded which side I’m on. (Hint: it’s not their side.)

I’m a proud American, ashamed of nothing. Daffy McHairsniffer and Chuckles the Hooker can kiss my ass — Happy “Insurrection” Day.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB