Tuesday ramble

I know, a lot of food showed up in yesterday’s post. I included all those photos to illustrate one of the best things about The South — which also happens to be one of the best things about this journey of ours, wherever we travel. We could fairly be accused of eating our way across America.

We’re not the least bit sorry.

Here in the bus yesterday, Deb tried something new — she took her to-die-for Holiday Breakfast Casserole, always baked a Pyrex dish, and made it in muffin tins in our convection oven. Her effort turned out a dozen savory little tarts, a meal that we’ll be adding to our regular fare.

In unrelated news, after dinner a quick check of Ernie’s gauges revealed that we needed to dump the waste-water tanks — as in both of ’em. It’s the same ritual each and every time we do the deed, but after dumping this time of year we make sure to disconnect the Stinky Slinky, drain it completely and hook it back up again.

The reason should be obvious, I think.

We’ve been enjoying a brief respite from wintry weather and bitter cold. That’ll last a few days more before, on Saturday, we’re supposed to get a few inches of snow. Nighttime lows will drop to run-the-furnace levels for at least two weeks.

Looks like we’ll be driving Ernie across the park again soon to replenish our LP. And with a promising forecast on tap for tomorrow, we’ll definitely be back up on The Mountain.

Today was pleasant and lazy. We stuck around Harrison, dropping by the local Home Depot for a couple of spray-cans of marking paint and a wipe-your-feet rug for the motorhome’s entry. While we were there we browsed the aisles (almost every one) and gawked at materials, supplies and tools. That exercise produced a bunch of new ideas (which was the whole point).

We took our afternoon meal back at The Neighborhood Diner. This trip I ordered one of the joint’s signature dishes, according to the menu a “Local Favorite” — the “Frito Pie.”

Long before this country got all ethnic’n’shit, ordinary Americans were whipping-up ordinary masterpieces like this from whatever they had on hand. The “regular” Frito Pie at The Neighborhood Diner ($4.95) is a bed of corn chips topped with surprisingly zesty chili and shredded cheese. The “supreme” ($6.75) adds “salad” (iceberg lettuce, red cabbage and shredded carrots), diced tomatoes and diced white onions.

Sounds kinda like a taco salad, doesn’t it? Not even close — a taco salad can only dream of being as good as a Frito Pie.

It reminded me of the “Indian Taco” (which I had more than once last August) at the Custer Battlefield Trading Post Café. While that dish, like the Frito Pie, is nothing fancy — simple Indian fry bread topped with taco fixins — it made for a spectacular meal.

I feel compelled today to close this post not with a restaurant review, not with travelogue, but with a warning to my fellow Americans. We’re coming up on the first anniversary of a shameful invitation-only inauguration that gave us the current occupant of the Oval Office. The last 12 months have been an unmitigated disaster, inflicting irreparable harm on millions of us.

There’s no end in sight. The enemies of the People are just getting warmed up. Case-in-point: today’s speech advocating “voting rights” measures that would federalize and (further) rig the electoral process in favor of the Left — in perpetuity.

Whether it’s “voting rights” or countless other examples of race-baiting, The Great Omicron Stampede or the administration’s purposeful gutting of the American economy, the objective is control.

Don’t count on November’s midterms to save us — a lot can (and will, I predict) happen between now and then. It won’t be pretty, and none of it will be good for America.

Long-time readers of Ubi Libertas Blog know that I’ve issued such warnings before. Our country, and true Americans, are in greater peril than ever. It’s time for Patriots to get their affairs in order.

Find your allies, your tribe, defiant Americans who won’t pick a fight but who’ll stand with you in the gravest extreme. Put yourself and your family in a defensible position, a place of independence and self-reliance.

That may be a new physical location, a change of circumstances or simply a galvanizing of mindset. Create as much distance as possible between yourself and State control.

It’s coming. Be ready.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB