The place where I grew up in northeast Ohio gets an average of 38 inches of snow each year. Deb’s childhood home sees 27 inches, and a typical winter brings 21 inches to Second Chance Ranch.

Here in northern Arkansas, obviously, this time of year isn’t nearly that snowy. Harrison, where we’re camped, gets between seven and eight inches a year, The Mountain about an inch more.

That’s what makes yesterday’s storm noteworthy — officially, over 11 inches of snow fell on our campsite, half-again what the area gets in an average winter. The context makes it worth talking about.

(No, I don’t give a shit how much more snow you get wherever it is that you live. And no, I’m not interested in blaming meteorologists who underestimated total accumulation.)

For a whole list of reasons we stayed here today instead of driving over to The Mountain. After letting the sun soften the snow awhile, I went outside to tackle a little post-storm cleanup. I grabbed a broom and cleared the Jeep, the picnic table and the patio mat. I was able to knock snow off of two of our awnings but couldn’t reach the third without a ladder we don’t have.

Ernie’s slide toppers have me a bit concerned. All three are sagging under the weight of wet, dense snow. I briefly considered borrowing a stepladder from our campground hosts and trying to push them clear — but that, it occurred to me, would transform a static load into a dynamic one, which risks putting even more strain on the fabric.

Here in The South, the most common snow-removal tool is patience. Tomorrow’s forecast high is 45°F and Tuesday’s is 54°F. That slight warmup should do some of my work for me, if not all of it. We’ll see what the toppers look like on Wednesday (42°F).

This afternoon Deb and I finally got around to watching “Patriot Purge,” Tucker Carlson’s three-part investigative feature on the events of January 6th, 2021. It lived up to our expectations, and then some.

This is a well-researched, responsibly corroborated assault on The Insurrection Narrative. For Liberty-loving Americans it’s both instructive and cautionary.

He who has ears, let him hear.

The Left — Democrats and other progressives, that is — prefers to cast every issue in terms of race. Consider this passage from a speech on “voting rights,” delivered by the current occupant of the Oval Office just last week:

“Do you want to be the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?”

That’s pretty desperate rhetoric right there. It’s also entirely consistent with the catechism of today’s Left and the Alinsky doctrine. But what does it have to do with January 6th?

There’s some specific language that’s been used repeatedly by the current occupant of the Oval Office, and a close look at that will help explain. Here’s an example, taken from a speech last June:

“Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. Not ISIS, not al Qaeda — white supremacists.”

To make the connection, you have to understand that the “white supremacy” characterization is nothing more than an epithet. It has nothing to do with “racism” in the conventional sense. The State isn’t gunning for Americans who can be rationally labeled “white supremacists.”

Terms like “domestic extremism,” “homegrown terrorism” and “white supremacy” are code for “traditional Americans.” Conservatives. Libertarians. Christians. Trump voters. Gun owners. Flag wavers.

If that segment of the populace — Patriots — happens to be predominantly white, well, that just makes it an easier target for The Broad Brush.

Don’t fall for their propaganda. Don’t even rise to the bait. Standing on a foundation of individual Liberty isn’t “white supremacy.” Defending traditional American values isn’t “racist.”

It’s not even worth a rebuttal.

But make no mistake, they are coming for us. There is a “Patriot Purge” underway — they mean to re-program us, intimidate us, eliminate us. And they’re watching every move, listening to every word.

They’re reading this blog right now.

Put your affairs in order, People.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB