That twice-delayed work on The Mountain finally began this morning. I realize I’ve been nothing but coy and cryptic about the nature of the work, and I apologize for that. It’s probably time for me to spill a few details.

Deb and I ordered a portable shed — 10 feet by 16 feet, barn roof, high walls and a loft. It’ll have a couple of windows, a man door, a double door and a 6-foot ramp. Today construction began on a spot Deb’s cousin graciously provided off his driveway.

That’s a temporary location. Eventually — and we can’t say exactly when — it’ll be moved a short ways down The Mountain to a site that’s not yet ready.

Its purpose? A garage for the Ranger and storage for tools and other items. Ultimately I intend to build a workbench at one end.

A father-and-son construction crew arrived mid-morning. They worked deliberately — which means that they didn’t set speed records and took time to do the job right. When they stopped for the day they’d finished the base (the most crucial component) and one side wall. They’ll resume tomorrow.

The shed is a kit produced by an Arkansas-based company. Almost every piece of the puzzle is pre-cut and provided, so the rest of the work should be straightforward.

Ordinary as it may seem, this is a big step for Deb and me. I’ll share more photos tomorrow as the shed nears — and reaches, we hope — completion.

Deb and I passed most of the day watching the work from our camp chairs. Her cousin stood outside his garage on the other side of the driveway, grinding rust off of a piece of 80-year-old American steel.

Later we rode down to the cleared area. Deb wandered around the ledges and found a small sinkhole we hadn’t noticed before. I sat on a large, flat rock, simply breathing.

As I gazed out over the valley, a hundred feet away a bald eagle glided past.

We left as the sun dipped below the ridge, driving back to the campground under postcard skies.

More than ever, I’m convinced that every day spent on The Mountain is a day added to my life.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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