According to forecasts I’ve seen, today we’ll have freezing rain here in northern Arkansas. That’s on top of accumulating sleet that fell yesterday — we had a brief round of “thundersleet,” believe it or not — encrusting the landscape in white.

By all accounts the local roads were skating rinks. Schools closed, as did most businesses. Today promises to be a repeat performance.

Harrison (KY3 photo)

There’s no place we have to be. We’re self-sufficient here in the motorhome, even if electric power goes down, and thanks to that grocery run we made a couple of days ago we’re adequately provisioned. It’s a great feeling.

Everyone ’round here knew this weather was coming. When Deb and I were out and about the other day we saw no anxiety, no clenching, no apocalyptic panic. Shelves weren’t bare, there were no gas lines and parking lots weren’t jammed. And once wintry weather arrived, the prevailing attitude (judging by social-media traffic) seemed to be, simply, “It happens.”

We can’t help but compare that to our experiences in central Ohio, where hysteria rules.

This is The Ozarks. Even in towns and small cities, these are country folk. We love it here.

Events halfway ’round the world can’t be ignored. Russia, emboldened by the perception of American weakness cultivated by the current occupant of the Oval Office, has invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine.

The effects will be felt around the world. We’ll feel it here in the US, of course.

It’s not inconsequential or insignificant. In truth, it’s world-war-level stuff.

That said, it doesn’t justify American intervention — period. As far as I’m concerned The Ruling Class can stow its tortured rationales — there’s no US national security interest. It’s up to Europe, if they suddenly decide they give a shit, and the people of Ukraine to repel the invasion.

Like that winter storm outside my window, everyone knew what Russia was about to do. And like weather in general, we have no direct control over actions governments (including our own) take.

Naturally, as individuals we should remain aware of world events. Those of us who practice a proper preparedness mindset will adjust our stance, perhaps, but we won’t react — a clear-eyed assessment of the situation tells us there’s no need to do anything, or do anything differently.

So gas prices will get even more stupid than they’ve been. What about the Ruskies launching retaliatory “cyber attacks”? Sure, but if we’ve been doing The Preparedness Thing right we’ve accounted for that, whether they target the financial system, the power grid or other infrastructure.

Nukes? I don’t think so, not even tactically.

If you’re ready, you’re ready. No need for Americans to act like we live in Kiev (or Kyiv, or whatever).

“All bad things are ‘Nazi Things,’ and all good things are ‘Democracy Things.'”

Tucker Carlson

Of greater concern to true Americans, I think, and closer to home (in more ways than one) is what’s unfolded recently in Canada. The piss-ant child who presides over that country has seized “emergency powers” that even the most ruthless dictator would envy, cuffing what few individual liberties Canadians still had.

The little twatwaffle is going so far as to hunt down and freeze the bank accounts of anyone who made financial contributions to truckers peacefully protesting WuFlu decrees. It’s reprehensible.

Not to be outdone, the current regime in this country is responding to word of a Washington-bound convoy of American truckers by wrapping the capital city in razor wire and deploying armed troops. It’s a redux of the “security theater” we saw around last year’s invitation-only “inauguration.”

Obviously, they’re just gettin’ warmed up. After seeing the kind of damage this anti-American cabal already has done since assuming power, along with totalitarian tactics related to the “pandemic,” we should have no doubt about the threat posed to Liberty-loving Americans by our own government.

I say again, put your affairs in order.

Back to Ukraine. It won’t be long — perhaps only a matter of days — before warfare becomes resistance. We can take lessons from what’s happening now, as well as from what happens when the conflict goes “irregular.”

Notice the targets of the initial shock-and-awe phase. Observe where Russian forces attack and where they don’t. Later, the Ukrainian resistance (and invading forces’ response) will be instructive.

If I have to explain why I said all that, you’re reading the wrong blog.

The current occupant of the Oval Office, with typically shallow bravado, today announced a range of symbolic “sanctions.” We expected that impotent move, and we also can predict that Russia will respond with the oft-mentioned “cyber attacks.”

This would be a good time to confirm alternative sources of goods and funds, methods of communication, means of transportation and even place of residence. Just sayin’.

I mean, even if the American government refuses to do that stuff, American citizens still should.

Canada is a warning. Ukraine is a classroom. Sit up straight and pay attention.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB