Been there

Five months ago today we were in the home stretch of our return from Montana. We spent a couple of nights camped in Iowa near Adel, nestled in the Heartland countryside that produced “The Duke” and “The Heater From Van Meter.” We day-tripped into the picture-postcard town of Winterset, took in a festival and rubbed elbows with hospitable locals.

I got news this morning that a powerful tornado hit Winterset yesterday afternoon, killing five adults and two children. Dozens of structures were flattened, the 140mph winds ripping homes from their foundations. Farm buildings were destroyed, livelihoods disrupted.

One report included video shot by a “storm chaser.” It recorded the huge wedge-type tornado crossing Iowa Route 169. Almost immediately I recognized that stretch of highway — it’s the road we traveled to Winterset that October day.

We spent less than 48 hours in Madison County, Iowa. It’s but one of hundreds of memorable places we’ve been on our journey. Still, seeing images of devastation today, the feeling of connection is unavoidable.

I found myself imagining what it must be like for those of you who have a similar personal connection to Ukraine.

In a number of blog posts I’ve been known to “peer into the fog,” offering my perspective on the road ahead. Often I’ve been right — which isn’t always a good thing, of course, considering the who-woulda-thunk-it world in which we live.

Right now, today, I’ll confess that I have absolutely no idea where the hell we, as a country and a culture, are going.

We may be, in fact, on the verge of a world war. We could be looking at an unprecedented financial collapse. Violent crime declined for decades, and now murder rates and illegal immigration are setting records. The ideological divide, instructive though it may be, is wider than ever.

The current regime in DC is making all of it worse (and that’s an understatement). It gave us a military that’s less concerned about readiness and national security and more devoted to diversity and “climate change” initiatives. It dismisses the vital importance of our hard-won energy independence, closing a domestic pipeline in favor of supply from global enemies and publicly celebrating a two-fold increase in the price Americans pay for fuel. It deems law and sovereignty irrelevant.

Any one of those engineered threats would be troubling. Two could be The Unmaking of America. We’re facing all of them at once and we, the People, can exert no direct force on any of it.

I have no reason to be optimistic about The Big Picture. It’s time to turn our focus inward.

The benediction that closes every Ubi Libertas Blog post begins with, “Take care of yourselves.” I mean that literally — as in, “Be selfish.” Look out for your sovereign, individual self and those in your care.

Mind your business. Ensure your security. Put your affairs in order.

When the current occupant of the Oval Office says, as he did the other day, “I want you to know, we’re going to be okay,” don’t believe him. Not only is he lying — he and his cabal are doing all they can to make sure that you and I are not going to be ok.

Wise up, People.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB