And we’re off

When we pulled out of our Arkansas campground around 8:45am — I know it must come as a shock, but yes, we actually moved — it was great seeing the park closer to full than it’s been since November. We’re thrilled for our hosts that their season is getting underway.

We rolled north on US 65 to Springfield, Missouri and bent east on I-44. Conditions were perfect for traveling — mid-50s (to start), mostly sunny, calm winds. The terrain was agreeable, for the most part, though there was enough traffic on the Interstate to keep me on my toes.

Overall, the day made me look better at driving this rig than I am. I’ll take it.

We covered a lot of familiar ground. In Missouri we passed a Harvest Host where we stayed early last May, as well as Uranus Fudge Factory.

(That’s at the Dixon exit, by the way. Totally not kidding.)

The last time we bought diesel, way back on October 12th, we paid $3.299. Today we got our first taste of The #LetsGoBrandon Special — the price at the Pilot truck stop in Pacific, Missouri, including our discount, was $4.969.

Ernie took 37 gallons. Do the math. It was painful.

Some of you may be wondering why, with about 720 miles to travel between Arkansas and Ohio, we’re taking three days to do it. That’s simple — splitting the distance in two puts us outside our comfort for daily mileage. We knocked back 260 miles today and will do close to the same on Thursday. Tomorrow will be shorter, in terms of both time (ideally) and distance, but negotiating St. Louis and losing an hour (crossing into Eastern Time) make that the right call.

Tonight we’re settled in a commercial campground 23 miles west of the Mississippi River. Since this is a one-and-done stay we deployed our usual low-drag setup — electric-only, two slides.

Next stop: Indiana.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB

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