Out to The Farm

We took a late lunch today, driving from Second Chance Ranch to nearby Canal Winchester. Past the quaint village, the retail strip and bedroom communities is farmland — field crops and pasture reminiscent of the countryside of my childhood.

Turning up a long gravel lane, we rolled past an old brick farmhouse and parked next to the Angus pen. I opened the door of my truck and breathed air only country folk can appreciate.

This is Blystone Farm — my kind of place.

As we approached the door of the farm’s restaurant we saw the owners’ motorhome parked nearby — something of a surprise, since we know it’s been rolling a lot more than it’s been idle lately. Seeing Jane Blystone walking toward the house, I called out and asked her to convey our best to her husband, Joe.

I should mention here that constitutional conservative Joe Blystone is a candidate for governor of The Great State of Ohio. Currently he’s running second to the incumbent RINO in the primary campaign.

Deb and I grabbed a table in the cozy steakhouse and ordered beer (blood orange IPA), soup (corn chowder), burgers (Ohio-raised Wagyu beef) and fresh-cut fries. It wasn’t long before Joe, wearing his trademark Stetson and carrying a cup of tea, came in looking for us.

“The travelers!” he said with a smile.

We exchanged handshakes and hugs and adjourned to a table in the adjacent dining room.

There the three of us talked candidly for well over an hour — about life and travel and, naturally, politics. From his seat Joe greeted each person who walked in the door, most of whom offered a thumbs-up and “Go get ’em, Joe!” (or the equivalent).

Joe was off the campaign trail for only 24 hours, and yet he was gracious enough to spend a good chunk of his down-time with us. I found that remarkable and humbling.

This is a good man who gives a damn. He’s on the right side, our side, a true American who’s doing the right thing. I was reminded of the speech Charlton Heston delivered at the NRA’s annual meeting almost a generation ago:

“When loss of liberty is looming, as it is now, the siren sounds first in the hearts of freedom’s vanguard. The smoke in the air of our Concord bridges and Pearl Harbors is always smelled first by the farmers, who come from their simple homes to find the fire, and fight….”

We know how fortunate we are to have someone like Joe Blystone willing to stand and fight for the values that we hold dear. We’re proud to support his run for governor.

After we said our goodbyes, Deb and I stopped by the butcher shop and bought some of the farm’s amazing beef. We also picked up a Blystone for Governor yard sign.

That sign got planted in the front yard at Second Chance Ranch as soon as we got home.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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