‘Hey, Matt, how can we get back on the right track‽’

(From our front door we can see the house in today’s header image. Best we can remember it’s been under construction for three years. The only progress while we were away appears to be that the roof was shingled. It’s our goal to avoid a similar pickle as we build on The Mountain.)

We expected springtime in central Ohio to lag weeks behind northern Arkansas. That’s not how it’s turned out, however — watching the weather down there (and experiencing it here), we’ve noticed that conditions at Second Chance Ranch have been warmer, calmer and brighter than those in The Ozarks, pretty much ever since we left.

Yesterday things started getting back to normal. We’re looking at a four- or five-day stretch of unpleasantness here, staying windy and cold (including a low in the teens tomorrow night) before things turn around mid-week.

Ernie isn’t winterized, of course, so even though we’re living in the house we’ll have to be mindful of sub-freezing temps and run the furnaces a few nights. We have the propane we need to do that.

For the record, Deb and I still are slumping. Oh, we’ve picked up a little speed, just more slowly than we might like. It’s not that we lack motivation.

We hear The Mountain calling.

Taking time to decelerate was a good plan. Seven days is becoming ten, however, and that dovetails nicely with shitty weather.

The task of amputating this part of our life looked easier from 727 miles away, that’s for sure. We also came back to a more complicated situation than we’d predicted, which creates work and takes time. We’ll get back on track and handle it.

In the meantime we plan, we plot and we gain momentum. The big chunks are obvious — home repairs, purging possessions, household auction, packing stuff, arranging a move, selling the house and so on. We intend to run back to The Ozarks with a load at some point, and that trip (maybe two) has to be shoehorned into the middle of everything else.

The frenzy will commence soon enough.

Today we sorted through a big stack of unforwarded mail. From that we harvested information that’ll allow us to file our income taxes on time, plus paperwork I get from the federal government now that I’m officially “retired.”

(With that long-awaited status, by the way, comes more junk mail than you can imagine. Our shredder is smokin’.)

A couple of months ago Deb and I looked around at the (relatively) easy life we had going, at that moment agreeing on three simple objectives for our time in Ohio. They are:

  • Don’t get sick;
  • Don’t get shot; and
  • Don’t get stuck.

So far, so good. Stay tuned.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB