Heavy rain came to central Ohio early this morning and Second Chance Ranch got hammered. With work in progress on the rear foundation wall we were mindful of a possible intrusion in that area, but the basement stayed dry.

When we went out to run errands this afternoon we saw standing water everywhere, most of it in the usual spots. Creeks were high and muddy. There’s more rain coming tonight and tomorrow, and here’s hoping we don’t get the deluge we got today.

Friends of ours are having a household auction of their own tomorrow. We drove down to their place this afternoon for the preview — table upon table of sorted lots, tools, guns, furniture, a canoe, a truck, a motorcycle and more. Of special interest to us were two well-loved quads, a Honda 450 and a Yamaha 600. Both are over 20 years old.

We don’t need another four-wheeler on The Mountain, obviously, since we have the Ranger, but we figure if we could steal a quad at auction it might come in handy. The ATV market is red-hot right now and supply is low, though, so I seriously doubt we’ll get either one of these. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Surviving Redcoats withdrawing to Boston on April 19th, 1775 not only were defeated — they were pissed. The upstart rebels didn’t fight fair. They were disorderly and cunning, firing “from behind walls, and lurking holes” instead of standing in the open and employing conventional linear tactics and volley fire.

The nature of warfare had changed. The Brits complained too long, adapted too late and lost the war.

Today’s landscape finds conservatives in the role of Redcoats, too often fighting for honor rather than fighting to win. Meanwhile the anti-American Left “goes low” and, time after time, gains political and cultural ground.

The Right has elevated pissing and moaning to an art form. What if conservatives had done that? What if Trump had said such a thing? Liberals are soooo hypocritical! Conservatives have spent the last 16 months apologizing for the (admittedly ill-conceived) storming of the Capitol instead of pressing the critical issues it represented.

Conservatives today are honorable losers, obsessed with occupying the moral high ground yet unwilling to die on the hill of principle — any hill. It’s a strategy of constant compromise that walks away from a battle, then another and another, waiting for a fair fight. The Right keeps banging the drum about “culture wars” but shows no interest in winning.

That doesn’t work. It can’t work. It won’t save the Republic.

It’s time to admit that the nature of political and cultural warfare has changed, and to adapt before it’s too late. Conservatives must find their ferocity, their fuck-you, and start fighting dirty. Here’s what I wrote on January 6th, 2021,

“If you’re a student of American history, you’ll get this — the Right needs to be less like John Adams and more like Samuel Adams. Our forebears knew that they wouldn’t get to a Constitutional Convention without Sons of Liberty.”

Remember, our Founders were extremists. It’s time we take the lesson and, as I said last February, follow their example:

Right now America is in serious need of extremists. We need People who aren’t afraid to hold and press unpopular views. We need People who accept risks and take principled action in the great cause of Liberty. We need People guided primarily not by law but by right, People who refuse to compromise. Without extremists, America will not survive.

The end — preserving America — justifies the means. If it ever feels like a fair fight, our tactics suck.

Talking about abortion isn’t complicated. What animates the debate is that one side characterizes it simply — life vs. death — and the other uses code language to distract from the binary nature of abortion.

Choice. Healthcare. Bodily autonomy. Medical freedom. Women’s rights. Diversions like rape, incest and life of the mother meant only to divert attention from the ultimate goal of abortion-on-demand.

No one has the right to take an innocent life. It’s not a human right. It’s not a natural right. And it sure as hell isn’t right guaranteed by the Constitution, not explicitly and not implicitly.

If you’re pro-abortion, I’d appreciate it if you’d drop the code words and say it the way it is — you consider killing an infant to be “justifiable homicide.”

One year ago today: After a very short drive (60 miles) we parked at our second straight Harvest Hosts participant, Meramec Vineyards Winery in St. James, Missouri. An early arrival meant that we could enjoy both lunch and dinner in the spacious bistro, along with sampling various house-pressed wines.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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