Owing to a lifelong love of grilled ground meat, several years ago I did a “Burger Tour” on my social-media page (the one that got grenaded by the Ministry of Truth in January of 2021). For a few years I’d share photos, locations and opinions.

Twelve months on the road gave me a great chance to push my horizons, burger-wise, as we traveled through some of America’s best beef country. You’ve seen a lot of that right here. Back in January I posted a bunch of general restaurant recommendations, but today I’m sharing only a simple gallery of images — just some of the burgers I enjoyed, bison as well as beef, presented without comment.

One year ago today, it rained. Again. By this time we realized that we’d arrived in northern Arkansas during the rainy season, or at least a rainy spell, and we were damned soggy.

Three weeks into our journey we were finding our rhythm. We were still toadless, too, so on days like this we were confined to the campground — and that was fine, creating space and time for housekeeping, planning and general-purpose relaxing.

This particular RV park, the Harrison KOA Holiday, definitely was to our liking. The grounds were cozy and tidy, the people warm and welcoming. By the end of our stay they’d become family.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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