One day at a time

We contributed to the dumpster today, but we also spent time stocking and getting to know the SilverSilverado. It’s seven years old but has a respectable complement of tech, some of which I get to enjoy under “free trial” schemes.

I transferred my SiriusXM subscription from my Tacoma, extended by three months because the Chevy (even thought it’s used) came with its own trial. There’s also OnStar and a slick myChevrolet app interface that lets me monitor and control a surprising number of the Silverado’s features.

The 2015 OnStar system is, unfortunately, 2G, which will go away at the end of this year. The same thing happened in Canada in 2018 and GM offered both a pricey hardware upgrade and a workaround app. I’ll be curious to see how it’ll be handled here. There’s no word yet.

Our younger boy dropped by early this evening for an overnight visit. We ran out for a quick dinner at a quirky sliders joint.

It was, overall, another good day. We’re takin’ ’em one at a time.

“This is the MAGA gang. This is the MAGA crowd. I really mean it. They have a fundamentally different view of the role of government and who should pay what.”

the current occupant of the Oval Office, today in Los Angeles, making a divisive statement (which is common) but an accurate one (which is rare)

I didn’t mention yesterday that I saw an old friend at the dealership where we bought our new-to-us Silverado. It’s a Honda shop, and at one end of the cavernous showroom is a display of vintage Hondas, two- as well as four-wheeled.

As we walked toward the garage for our test drive we passed a glass-walled conference room. Inside were two historic 1960s motorcycles and a third that stopped me in my tracks — a 1981 CB750C Custom, the first new motorcycle I ever owned.

Same color and everything. This example was pristine.

The four-into-four exhaust, those exquisitely garish chromed trumpets, sold me on the bike. I’d had it only three days when I wrecked it, riding with my girlfriend near Saratoga Springs, New York. I repaired the damage and rode it without incident for years, many thousands of miles.

The memories were delicious.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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