Falafel balls

Remember the last time you saw a video of a “controlled implosion,” a building dramatically and intentionally being dropped straight to the ground? A team of professionals methodically weakens a structure at critical places — it was built to stand, after all, not fall — and carefully places explosive charges. The devices then are detonated in a calculated sequence to bring the building down quickly and efficiently.

Now, have you ever heard anyone ask the demolition crew if they had a plan to keep the structure from collapsing? Of course not — they mean to bring it down. That’s their job. It’s what they were hired to do, so that’s what they do.

Every day the press and the People ask the current regime how it’s going to reverse inflation, reduce gas prices, fix a crippled supply chain, halt the invasion at our southern border, defend American culture or (perish the though) preserve constitutional liberties. Those are absurd questions, akin to asking a demolition crew how they’ll keep a building from falling.

The regime is doing exactly what it means to do — it plans to bring the country down. It’s the height of foolishness to insist that this progressive cabal sabotage its own “controlled implosion” of America. We’re watching an intentional act here.

If you don’t buy the analogy, either you’re a complete idiot or you need to start paying attention.

“Two is one and one is none,” or so I’ve learned over the years. I apply that maxim throughout my life, from commerce (both cash and a credit card) to prepping (more than one way to purify water or start a fire) to edged tools (I always carry at least two knives) to armed defense (a spare magazine rides on my belt opposite my sidearm).

I feel the same way about keys, especially the keys to my daily driver. That new-to-us Silverado came to us with only one key and one fob, and although the dealer has promised to chase down the previous owner and get the spares I’m not optimistic that’ll happen.

So yesterday morning Deb and I dropped by a local one-stop batteries shop and picked up a second set. The guys even programmed them for us. Now Deb and I each have a key and a fob. and we got ’em for a fraction of what they would’ve cost us at a Chevy dealer.

On our way back to Second Chance Ranch we visited a local microbrewery for handcrafted beers and a light lunch from a food truck, I had a New England-style (hazy) IPA and falafel balls, while Deb ordered a chicken dish and the same brew. It was a gorgeous day to dine outdoors.

Shortly after we got back home FedEx dropped a box on the front porch — it was my inaugural shipment from Jeremy’s Razors, a week or so ahead of schedule. The contents all appear to be of high quality, which is what I expected, and I look forward to putting them to use.

(Not that I shave much, but I like supporting a worthy business with the right values.)

Our auctioneer arrived mid-afternoon and over the next couple of hours we hashed out a plan to select, sort, transport and sell our household goods. We set a date and signed his contract, another big step in a productive direction.

One year ago today, we immersed ourselves in the self-proclaimed “Cowboy Capital of the World” — the town of Bandera, Texas.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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