Today’s header image might look like it depicts a mess, but what you’re seeing is progress — big progress. Over the course of several hours we managed to plow through the entire garage, including the rear and side sheds, plus the covered patio (car port). We separated what’ll go with us to The Mountain from what’ll be sold at auction, and the rest got pitched into the dumpster.

We didn’t do it alone, however. Two guys from the auctioneer’s crew arrived mid-morning and dove headlong into our kingdom of clutter. And although Deb and I pitched in where we could, they did the vast majority of the work. Mostly we just pointed and answered questions.

It boosted our spirits to have help, finally, to move the process along. Doing it alone has drained us, really beating us down, and these fellas were a cure for what ailed us. As a bonus, the weather cooperated — clear and breezy, with temps in the 60s ’til well after noon.

We’ll have them back again another day to attack the basement utility room, which is a project unto itself. We still have to go through the storage unit, too. But on this day, their work made a difference, and for that we’re grateful.

One year ago today, as I said at the time, “we sat on the deck and dawdled and chatted and gazed out over the hills.” The image above — Hill Country, hummingbirds and a handful of feeding whitetail and chital — says it all.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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