His name is ‘Artie’

You know we name our vehicles — the motorhome is “Ernie” (after Tennessee Ernie Ford, because it weighs 16 tons) and our Jeep is “Mercy” (after Mercy Otis Warren, a hero of the American Revolution). We needed a name for the new-to-us Chevy Silverado.

I think I mentioned that this is my “retirement truck,” something I’ve thought about for years, “R.T.” for short.

And so its name came naturally — “Artie.” That was almost too easy.

Our realtor is coming over before noon today and we have plans for later this afternoon. That chops up the day in a way that doesn’t lend itself to making a lot of progress toward The Move to The Mountain. Up early this morning, then, I decided to fit the new stone-and-bug deflector on our freshly detailed truck.

The one I chose is made in the USA by WeatherTech, a company I’ve patronized for many years. Installation was simple but not necessarily easy — it’s an ungainly thing and has to be positioned precisely the first time, ’cause once it’s on it’s not moving. Deb came out about halfway through the process and her help was invaluable.

Unlike the bug deflector that came with the truck, the WeatherTech model spans the full width of the hood (and then some), It’s a functional add-on and we think it looks downright snazzy.

Now I’m gonna post this and scoot. Tomorrow’s I’ll report on what we’ll be up to this evening, which promises to be special.

One year ago today we were still workin’ our way north out of Texas, ending our day in Lubbock for a two-night stay.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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