Power & control

“Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July. Democrats believe every day is April 15th.”

Ronald Reagan

There will be no travelog today, no day-in-the-life, no pithy commentary on moving to The Ozarks. I mean to devote this post to crime perpetrated on the American People.

Since Congress began considering the most anti-American spending legislation in the nation’s history, much has been made of the allocation of $80 billion in additional funding to the IRS, increasing its budget by a factor of seven and adding 87,000 new agents to the 73,000 already on the job.

Well-meaning observers on the Right point out that while the size of the agency charged with separating citizens from their money will more than double, the bill provides for no new Border Patrol agents. I’ve even seen a meme suggesting that government add 87,000 “school security officers” instead.

And then someone stumbled upon an IRS job posting for “Special Agent” and boom, it was all over the Web, everyone waxing indignant that the duties of the position include “be willing to use deadly force.” (That line subsequently was scrubbed from the job description.) Many have pointed to a five-year-old GAO report revealing that the IRS is armed with nearly 5,000 guns and 5 million rounds of ammunition.

Seeing this stuff posted all over social media the last couple of days, I just shook my head. I’m sure there are folks just now getting the memo about what the State is up to — better late than never, I guess — but none of this is news.

Let’s start with the basics.

“To secure these rights [to life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, among others], Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” — our Declaration of Independence makes clear the State’s prime directive. That ideal, of course, as well as the principles on which the country was founded, were abandoned long ago in favor of power and control.

Our bloated, largely unelected federal government takes no action that won’t serve those two ends. If a thing doesn’t amass power or assert control, it won’t be done.

We know all that — and yet we’re still so naïve as to propose that instead of bolstering tax collection, the feds should hire SROs or secure our borders. We say it with a straight face, too. That kind of ignorance dooms America.

And then there’s the uproar about the Internal Revenue Service hiring agents who carry guns and aren’t afraid to shoot tax cheats. It’ll probably surprise most Americans to learn that the IRS has been deploying its own federal police force for over a hundred years.

The agency typically spends about $700,000 annually on ammunition. We can expect that its arsenal has grown since the GAO’s 2017 numbers.

Obviously, the phrase “taxation is theft” should be amended to “taxation is armed robbery.” It’s been that way for a long time — power and control, imposed at gunpoint.

Which other federal agencies and departments (beyond the ones we’d expect) bear arms against the People? The EPA, Department of Education, FDA, HHS, CDC… it’s a long and disturbing list.

Government will not do The Right Thing. We can rely on it to use force to maintain power and control. We must stop pretending otherwise, dismiss our Sesame Street fantasies and acknowledge that the State is an avowed adversary of the People.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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