Unsolicited political advice

I wrote most of this early yesterday morning before a migraine leveled me and put me in bed. I didn’t stir ’til almost 11pm, and I’m better today. Rather than go back and change time and tense, maybe updating it with today’s events, I let it fly as-is.

It was 12 hours behind schedule and much less than expected, but heavy rain came to dry northern Arkansas in the wee hours this morning. Ernie has a mini-moat. Skies are gray and the air is heavy, sticky.

I’m thankful for the rainfall, but it’s not the best thing that happened after the sun went down yesterday. No, that would be news that Liz Cheney got her ass handed to her in Wyoming’s primary.

There’s much rejoicing, rightfully so, among true Americans. Celebrations should be short-lived, however — Dizzy Lizzy ain’t goin’ away.

First of all, between now and January she’ll defy the will of her constituents, persecuting Trump with renewed and desperate vigor. And second, that wasn’t a “concession speech” she delivered last night.

It was the opening salvo in her run for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. She even had a crew there filming the occasion for a future campaign ad. (That probably violated campaign-finance laws, but they won’t be enforced, so whatever.)

As Rush used to say, “Don’t doubt me.” She’s running.

To those who disagree, suggesting that a woman who couldn’t hold onto her House seat has no chance at the presidency, remember that all the liberals and anti-Trumpers in Wyoming could caucus in a junior-high gymnasium. Even though she squandered the political capital of the Cheney name in her own state, she remains the darling of the national party’s Old Guard.

If the establishment machine gets behind her (think HRC in 2016) she has a disturbingly realistic shot at the Republican nod, put forward as tbe ideal Uniparty candidate. And if she got the nomination, pro-Trump voters would sit out the general election in droves. A Democrat — any Democrat — would be the next president.

Trump himself could take her — maybe. But his nomination would trigger Democrat DEFCON 1 and he’d lose in November.

How’s that, you ask? Simple — Michelle Obama would jump into the race, and no Republican can beat FLOTUS #44.

Machine politics. Identity politics. Progressivism. The Ruling Class. The Permanent State. Those are our adversaries, now and for years to come. None can be defeated by conventional means.

Though we can agree, I hope, that progressives pose a grave threat to the future of America, there’s a reason they continue to amass power and hold control over the culture. A couple of big reasons, actually, and conservatives would be wise to take the lessons.

The Right is all giddy over what it expects to be a “red wave” in this November’s midterms. After all, the current occupant of the Oval Office and his cabal have recorded failure after abysmal failure — how could anyone vote for a Democrat?

Still, many Democrats will win. Even Democrats who voted for higher taxes and 87,000 new IRS agents in the midst of runaway inflation and a crashing economy will win. Why?

Obviously, we’re surrounded by millions of stupid and ideologically crippled people. But to the political point, Democrats attack one race at a time. They ignore national polls and fight battles locally — that’s where the power is, and cumulative success validates the Left’s approach.

A “wave election” is a result. Republicans are treating it like a strategy. That’s a prescription for handing Democrats more than they deserve, and I fully expect that’s what we’ll see this November — the GOP will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Related to that mistake, in my opinion, is conservatives’ obsession with (for lack of a better word) “grooming.” They’re always looking for The Next Great Hope, The Rising Star, a public servant who’s had success and, naturally, should reach for the next rung.

Over and over, Republicans lure talented, competent people away from posts in which they were having a real impact and throw them into failed bids for higher office. It’s as if the GOP doesn’t know where real power resides.

Jim Jordan should stay in the House and Ted Cruz should remain a Senator. Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem are killin’ it as governors and the country will be better off if they keep doin’ what they do so well. Strong pro-Liberty majorities in state legislatures must be protected, not farmed.

Am I saying that Republicans should just concede The White House? Maybe so, at least for the foreseeable future. The electorate may offer them no alternative anyway.

Think back on what I’ve said about how best to address our current American Crisis. We need to gather and build strong communities. Our focus should be on restoring this country, not changing it.

America can’t be restored from the Oval Office — top-down won’t work. We must keep our strength local and build from the bottom up.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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