A different way

If you guessed that Deb won the argument over whether we’d return to The Mountain today or wait ’til tomorrow, you guessed right. There was no curbing her enthusiasm to watch the work, to see even the smallest changes unfold. So yeah, we went there today.

Before that we had an unrelated matter to handle — having an Ohio BMV power-of-attorney form notarized and mailing it to the buyer of the Bumper Bunker. We found a notary at a title company in Harrison ($5) and express-mailed the document in Yellville ($27).

In between, and on a whim, we took a different route — a very different route. Instead of familiar (and relatively tame) US 62, we drove south on US 65 past Valley Springs and turned east on Arkansas Route 206. We followed that to Route 125 south and then Route 235 north, which dumped us out at Arkansas Route 14 just south of the Yellville town line.

For 23 miles it was a genuine thrill ride, corkscrewing into and out of hollers and carving graceful arcs through rolling farmland. I didn’t push the Silverado — virtually all of the curves were marked 35mph or less, some as slow as 15mph. Grades were sudden and steep. Every bend in the road was a postcard.

We had an ever-lovin’ ball.

Up on The Mountain we found our contractor’s two-man crew hard at work with a backhoe, a small tractor with a box blade, and a pair of chainsaws. We suggested a few adjustments, mostly just sharpening the boundaries of the job. The guys were friendly and willing, a real pleasure to work with.

Deb and I had a picnic lunch at the homesite, then retreated from the oppressive heat into the air-conditioned truck and drove back to the campground via our regular route.

I believe we’ll sit it out tomorrow and stick close to Harrison.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB

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