A glorious fall day in The Ozarks

This evening I was unwinding from the day, browsing through photos that Deb and I had taken, while in the background Jesse Watters was on TV — until, that is, he was interrupted by the current occupant of the Oval Office wheezing that Americans like me are… wait for it… “a threat to democracy.”

What we are, in fact, is a threat to Democrats.

The speech was a vicious attack on true Americans. This hateful, senile old bastard who holds a title he doesn’t deserve once again showed himself to be an enemy of the People, bent on unmaking this country.

Disciples of Doctor Dementia are rare in northern Arkansas. What few there are tend to be smart enough to lay low and (at least) act like Americans.

See, they know better than to admit that they’re accessories to the destruction of America. That wouldn’t play well ’round here.

We made our Wednesday a Mountain day. On the way we dropped by Miller Hardware in Yellville — woods tools for us and lacquer thinner for Deb’s cousin. We chose a couple of small hand saws for pruning and, making good on a planned purchase, a Stihl brushcutter for clearing seedlings, saplings and heavy grasses.

Impulsively, I bought a pocketknife. I’ll probably talk about that tomorrow.

We grabbed mail at the post office (notably, parking next to a pickup truck advertising “wolf pups” for sale) and stopped for snacks at Harps. It already was early afternoon when we reached The Mountain.

On this glorious fall day in The Ozarks, we were drawn to the homesite, marveling at how it had changed with the season over the last few weeks. We lunched at the spot that’ll be occupied eventually by our shed.

I brought along the new ax I mentioned yesterday — “The Original TR Axe,” made in the USA by Hardcore Hammers. Its two-and-a-half-pound head (four-inch bit) of 4140 steel is fitted to a 23-inch handle of Arkansas hickory. Smaller than a felling ax but larger than a hatchet, it’s handy and packable, in my opinion the ideal and most practical size for most jobs (and most of us).

I didn’t give it a stern workout today, basically just getting a feel for how it handles and swings. I did some light limbing and threw chips on a rock-hard downed oak. That was enough to assure me that I’d made the right choice. This is one helluva tool.

It was a good day overall, positive and more productive than it might sound.

Tomorrow, I believe, we’ll take a bus day. Friday looks stormy. On Saturday (according to one forecast) we could see big wind. We’ll head back to The Mountain on Sunday, earlier if weather permits.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB

Late last night, trailcam “Mountain One” again captured two gray foxes.