Not much

This was a strange day — not bad at all, just unremarkable and not especially linear. It was like a play without much of a plot; had it been a joke, we’d still be waiting for the punch line. Such, I’ve learned, is life.

Last night’s snow stuck but didn’t stick around. Eventually it mixed with sleet and rain, which left us with a damp and bone-chilling morning.

On the bright side, Deb had bought us a new blanket for the bed. After one night I gotta say that it’s the perfect combination of weight (which I prefer) and warmth. Best sleep I’ve had in a while.

Wet weather delayed further dirt work on The Mountain by another day (or more), but we drove over anyway. We relaxed in Deb’s cousin’s garage and talked music. He put a collection of John Prine’s greatest hits on the box, and we smiled.

Our visit today was brief. We had a 2pm appointment at an insurance agency just outside Yellville, the goal of which was making sense of our situation and putting the proper protection in place.

The agent herself, a woman who grew up in the area, was great — sweet and helpful, everything we’ve come to love about people ’round here. Because our situation is a little unusual, however, after two hours we still didn’t have everything quite buttoned up.

We’ll return to her office at the same time tomorrow and finish then. She gave us a couple of bottles of made-in-Arkansas BBQ sauce, from a company owned by one of her former colleagues.

And then we drove back to Harrison, arriving before dark. We created our dinner from supplies in Ernie’s pantry, switched on the TV and pondered whether or not America will be drawn into World War III.

Let’s see if we can make tomorrow more interesting than today.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB

This respectable buck was prowling The Mountain around dusk today.