Dropping by ‘the bubbler’

We did travel to The Mountain today, but this post is all about a stop we made along the way. Gray Spring, or what some locals refer to as “the bubbler,” was the first Ozarks wonder that Deb’s cousin showed us back in May of 2021. We return again and again for the sight, the sound and the sweet mountain water.

When we forded the low-water crossing this morning and parked on the gravel next to the well head, we were the only ones there. We found the spring flowing strong, much more enthusiastically than when we last visited in August.

Soon we were joined by a couple of guys in a pickup truck — it’s common at Gray Spring to see locals (and not-so-locals) filling bulk tanks, either as their sole water supply or to supplement a well. These two were transplants from Illinois (welcome to America) and Texas, each with a 40-acre homestead in the Rea Valley district not far from The Mountain.

Deb and I didn’t draw any water of our own today. We were there only for the experience.

A gallery of images follows. I’ve also included a brief (13 seconds) Rumble video at the end of this post — be sure to turn your sound on and your volume up.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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